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PIne Nuts

I'm looking for a source of pine nuts in Northern California that are NOT imported from China.

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  1. Sorry, Quatchi, I tried. Maybe if you are planning on using them in cooking, you could post on Home Cooking and it would, I think, be appropriate.
    I'm thinking of topic; Cooking with Pine Nuts. Then sourcing them could enter in to a later posting.
    I Googled and found several sources. Not all were from China.

    1. I gave up and bought online but once found some from turkey in the produce section at raleys

      1. I remember from last year that there are a handful of small pine nut harvesters in Nevada (there are mtns called The Pine Nuts) who offer small quantities of hand gathered pine nuts, but the damand is high. Here is one campany: http://www.pinenuts.net/aboutus.html

        hope this helps.

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          Thank you, that's great, I'll try to order from them. I'm having the same problem finding edamame that isn't from China too. Was in Costco yesterday and even their "organic" edamame says, when you can finally find it in tiny letters on the package, that it's from China.

        2. Quatchi, I was in Ikeda's (Davis) on Friday evening and saw pine nuts in the shell from Nevada for ~$14/lb. I would assume they have them at their Auburn store as well.


          If you do get them, I'll be interested to hear what you think of them. I had pretty much given up on pine nuts and have been substituting other types of nuts in recipes that call for them.

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            Thanks, I'll check if the Ikeda's in Auburn has them, they're closer to where I am.

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              Don't give up! They are great! The ones from ikeda's are nice and big too!

            2. I found them also at ikeda's near auburn. There were plenty. They were very expensive too, around 17 bucks a bag. But they will keep fine for about a year in their shells and in an aerated container like a burlap sack. I don't think plastic bags are the way to go though that is the way they're sold at Ikeda's.

              This is the first time I bought them this way and they are marvelous. If you roast them in the shell carefully so that they don't burn they are easy enough to shell. But I like them raw.

              Unless you want to go foraging in the mountains yourself and duke it out with the birds and the bears this is the way to go! ;) Though if you do partake in some wild adventure like that please let me know so that I can come along.

              Glad to know they are at ikeda's in Davis too. If anyone sees them there this year please pass that info along. Thanks!

              1. Just bought some at a New Leaf market in San Jose. Package is from SunRidge farms in Santa Cruz. Pricey tho, about $7 for 5oz

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                  I emailed SunRidge (seeing them on a comprehensive list of alleged "Metal Mouth" sources) and they replied "We currently have two different Pine Nuts that we offer. One is a Chinese Pine Nut and the other a Mediterranean Pine Nut. The item currently offered on our site is the Chinese version. Our Mediterranean Pine Nut is only sold in bulk at this time."

                  I've used their nuts with no side effects. They are simply bland compared to true Italian pine nuts.

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                    SunRidge emailed a response to my new questions. Their bulk Mediterranean pine nuts are $40/lb wholesale (in 22 lb cases) and are sold retail in bulk at both Andronico's on Shattuck in Berkeley and Rainbow Grocery in San Francisco.

                    This is a fair wholesale price for the real thing. One could always experiment with other nuts (California makes great pistachios locally) as a real Italian of limited means would do. My favorite French cooking teacher always said "tradition is the last bad performance."

                  2. i bought some Italian pine nuts yesterday from The Pasta Shop in Rockridge. 50g for $12, not an acceptable long-term solution. The flavor was markedly better than other recent pine nuts I'd used, presumably from China. Their bulk pine nuts are less expensive, and from China.