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Sep 23, 2011 11:12 AM

Cold beef dishes for week's lunch.

I'm one of those folks that makes lunch ahead of time earlier in the week. Whenever I'm in the mood for beef I usually tend to go with braised shortribs. But, lately I've been thinking about having something with more bite and I also seem to be in an extremely lazy state that I don't want to heat up more than 1 dish for lunch. So, I've been thinking of a cold beef dish that has nice chunks of beef.

Is this even possible? First though was go to with a raw dish, but that's not going to last a week. Thinking of existing methods, they all seem to involve having the beef in shreds or thin slices. Thought of taking the simple route and just cooking up some rib-eye and cutting it, but that's going to end up a dry disaster. Maybe render the fat out to use in a grain dish and throw in the beef?

Thoughts and suggestions?

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  1. Sorry, but cold meatloaf and ketchup sandwiches was my 1st thought.
    I know chutney is supposed to be good with cold meats--maybe some grain and beef salad with that?

    1. I assume that you are eating lunch at home? Buy some thinly sliced roast beef at the deli counter of any good supermarket. Get some good rolls made from a ciabatta recipe, it has lots of large fermentation holes because the ciabatta dough is quite wet. Such a roll is not as dense or filling as usual Italian bread. Make a sandwich that includes extra virgin olive oil slathered on the roll and sprinkled with dried oregano and basil, shredded Romaine, sliced or crushed stuffed green olives, pickled peperoncini, sliced tomatoes, thin slices of provolone and sliced onions.

      Have the sandwich with a beer.

      1. Have you heard of jang jorim? It's a Korean dish of soy sauce-braised beef with chilies, garlic and sesame oil and meant to be eaten cold. Steak salads, whether Southeast Asian with chilies and cilantro or continental with celery and blue cheese, could also work.

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          Steak salads, yes. Also Chinese cold beef appetizers. And rib roast sandwiches with horseradish.

        2. I just happen to have some green tomato chutney on hand. Have to give the grain some thought.

          It's not at home. I pack lunch in a cooler which is kept in the car until feeding time. I love me some roast beef sandwich (and other cold cuts), but was looking for something with more bite - Something that requires more chewing action.

          Can't say I remember hearing about jang jorim, but I have eaten something that fits the description. I recall it being served with hard boiled eggs, which went nicely with the salty soy juice.

          Whenever I've made steak salads in the past it was always warm steak over cold salad. If it's cold, what kind of cut am I looking for?

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            Top sirloin is great for eating cold since it isn't marbled much. The fat is mainly on the outside edges. Tri-tip is also very lean and would work well cold as would flap meat or flank.

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              cold london broil with mustard and tomatoes is a fave of mine and if you buy eye round and roast it, that's the same cut as is used for deli roast beef, but you can slice it thicker.

              cold beef in a sesame noodle salad as well.

              i really like cold beef with bleu cheese and caramelized onions too, but don't know if you have to face the public after lunch? ;)

              1. re: hotoynoodle

                Good lunch >> Breath issues
                It's like a badge of honor saying, "Yes, food matters to me and I enjoyed my lunch!"

                Thanks all for the suggestions. Off to the farmer's market where I hope I'll find all I need.

            2. Really satisfying lunch is a cold steak/beef salad w/ blue cheese. Rare beef sliced over whatever greens you like, vinaigrette and lots of chunks of blue cheese. Protein and flavor rich, I totally get a craving for this now and again.