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Sep 23, 2011 10:39 AM

You Vote What You Eat: How Liberals & Conservatives Eat Differently

A light-hearted look at food preferences & political ideology. Guess who's big on meat loaf & mashed potatoes.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I find the pizza category the most interesting. Although I am a registered Democrat, I consider myself pretty moderate overall. But I agree 100% with thin crust pizza, I can't stand deep-dish, it's more like a casserole. I wonder why conservatives are so much more likely to pick deep-dish?

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      1. re: DavidPalmer

        Well, this liberal will tell you that when you have a Neapolitan style pizza with soft, sweet, bready crust with acid tomatoes glistening with olive oil and gooey cheese it's heaven. This is, basically, foccacia with a tomatoey topping.

        I can love a thin crust pizza too but Neapolitan is what I grew up on and what my quintessential concept of pizza will always be.

        1. re: rainey

          Ditto. As a life-long Chicagoan (the bluest city in one of the bluest states in these here U-nited States), I am both a proud liberal and a proud lover of (real) deep dish pizza from the original Unos, Dues (as distinguished from the horrible national chain and frozen thing), Lou Malnatis or Pizanos. Nothing casserole-like about those puppies.

          Furthermore, I like my tacos soft.

          But that being said, this "survey" strikes me as just another way for us to find and make a big deal about our differences, which I think we surely don't need more of.

        2. re: DavidPalmer

          It is because the liberal east coast elite eats New York style pizza.

        3. As in most of my life, I'm the exception that proves the rule.

          • I'm as liberal as the day is long but I l *love* a great meatloaf -- especially in a sandwich. I think mashed potatoes are one of the consolations for this lousy economy and the prospect of losing American democracy as a result.
          • I think there is nothing on the planet more delicious than McDonald's fries c. 1975 when they were still made with rendered beef fat. Once upon a time I ate fast food 4-5 times a week. ...and *enjoyed* it. Then I got to be over 200 pounds and I haven't had -- or missed -- fast food in 4 years . ...and 60 pounds.
          • I don't eat breakfast and rarely eat fruit -- unless it's cooked in baked goods.
          • I occasionally really enjoy a PB&J -- but I wouldn't choose either strawberry or grape jam; there are a world of better choices including some of my own homemade concoctions.
          • A coconut curry makes me salivate but so does a burger.
          • I tried vegetarianism in college as an ethical choice but eventually I became an omnivore -- it's our place in the food chain and we've got the teeth and digestive system to prove it so best to eat what we eat respectfully and with appreciation.
          • I wouldn't be comfortable in the atmosphere of a four star dining establishment. That's why I learned to cook what I want to experience and haunt food blogs and sites to learn, learn, learn about trends, opportunities, resources and techniques.

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          1. re: rainey

            <I'm as liberal as the day is long but I l *love* a great meatloaf -- especially in a sandwich. I think mashed potatoes are one of the consolations for this lousy economy and the prospect of losing American democracy as a result.>

            I'm with you, rainey!

            and the REAL Uno's pizza, too!

          2. I guess being a mashed-potato-and-meatloaf, tuna-casserole lovin' lefty Socialist just makes me the exception that proves the rule. I think the big thing is simply being open to the new and untried. I remember vividly sitting in a wine cave in Frascati with my mom, my sister, her husband (a USAF NCO) and their two boys, there on a bus tour with mostly other Air Force people. The husband and boys, along with everyone at the other tables, were eating prosciutto-and-cheese sandwiches and drinking Cokes. My mom, sister and I had seen our guide and the bus driver sharing an antipasto platter and a pitcher of the local, and were moved to do likewise (along with our own sandwiches). We happily ate the exquisite baby artichokes and other fine antipasti, mopping up the garlicky oil with the tag ends of our sandwiches and ordering another pitcher, while brother-in-law glared his deep disapproval. It was bad enough he was having to eat weird Italian ham and weird cheese on bread he had to actually chew …

            1. Interesting. I apparently eat all wrong for my political party.