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Sep 23, 2011 10:27 AM

Bologna Biscuit, is this some kind of Salem VA delicacy?

This past summer while on vacation we drove through Salem, VA. I saw bologna biscuits advertised in 2 different restaurants. If i remember correctly one was at a Hardee's (i think it was was .99 here) and another was at a local restaurant. I assume that this is just bologna on a biscuit. If it is something more i'd like to know. Is it fried or right out of the package? I almost stopped to order it just out of curiosity, but my wife and kids would have given me too much grief.
Is this breakfast food like sausage on a biscuit, or this an all day food? And is this something that is eaten other places. I'm from Texas and have never seen this advertised before. Of course we have bologna and we have biscuits, and i'm sure people have combined them plenty. Sort of Spam sandwiches. People eat it all the time, but nobody is proud enough of it to put it on their menu. Unless of course you call it Taylor Ham. But, I digress.

BTW, we ended up eating at Mac and Bob's, which was pretty good and didn't have it on the menu.

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  1. Hardees version is fried bologna on a biscuit. My husband says it hits the spot. I don't know if it's on the menu all the time, or just every now and then. Tell you what though, Hardees sometimes has a fried porkchop on a biscuit, with a splash of country gravy, and that's truly delicious. We are near Richmond VA, which is pretty far from Salem, about 200 miles. So maybe it's regional-ish? LOL at the Taylor Ham comment. I have a roll in my frig right now.....

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      Am i right about the Taylor Ham? We don't have it here except in the occasional "authentic NY" place. I have only eaten it once, years ago in New Jersey, and at that time thought it pretty much tasted like Spam.
      The pork chop on the biscuit with gravy does sound pretty good.

      1. re: TroyTempest

        Taylor Ham is a Jersey thing, I have been told, and I have only seen it at a NY style delis. Not my thing, either, too much like spam for me. So we are on the exact same page! My husband loves it, and he picked up a chub of it at our local Kroger, surprisingly.

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        I've seen the bolonga biscuits at Hardees and Bojangles throughout southwest and central VA, so it must be regional-ish. The times that I've seen it, it's been fried bolonga on a biscuit. I remember that some restaurants in southwest VA didn't have it on the menu but could usually make it if asked.

        I'm not much of a bolonga eater, but we have a friend who loves those biscuits.

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          I saw the bologna biscuit advertised as "back" on the signboard of a Hardees outside Charlotte, NC last week.

      3. Had lived in the south for a few years and did note biscuits with Ham,sausage and Taylor Pork Roll never heard Taylor Roll called ham which to some degree it is surely .Never saw bologna biscuits, but sounds as good as the other versions of biscuits. Not sure why good biscuits are a southern speciality, but they are more available and usually better there.Sort of like NY bagels are the best . Geez, what was the question?

        1. Fried bologna is a fairly common breakfast meat in SW VA. It is usually sliced thick.

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          1. re: vmbutch

            So do a lot of restaurants have it on their menus?

            1. re: TroyTempest

              You will find it on the menu in a fair number of resturants, Mom and Pop types mostly.

          2. I know Bologna Burgers are big in S and SW VA, especially around Martinsville and to a lesser extent down towards Bristol. So not surprised by the biscuit thing.

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              I was in Salem, VA this weekend and didn't see it. Had I seen this thread ahead of time I would have tried it just for the experience.

              I'm a big Taylor Ham fan. I am from LI but my mother is from Jersey. They sell it in the DC area at all grocery stores. I pick it up sometimes.

            2. It was a Hardee's promotion last fall.

              I grew up in central Virginia and went to college near Salem and never heard of it either place.

              I worked in Chicago one summer and my roommate was second generation Polish and she and her family loved fried Bologna on white bread. I don't think they knew biscuits at all.