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I'm going to a show @ Largo (on Fairfax). In order to get a table we need to make dinner reservations. How's the food there? Edible? Any recommendations?


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    1. re: Cecilbee

      Don't even think it's edible, bring a sandwich and you'll be happier.

    2. it is what it is, you are going to see a show, not have fine dining - limited menu, basic fair, nothing special - if the show is good you will prob not even think about the food - you might have bad, rude service, you might not.

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        the word girl

        bad news. the food is pretty terrible at largo! your best bet is the baked honey chicken which is served with a salad and some mashed potatoes. the chicken is breaded and generally tender, with an unobtrusive honey sauce. the salad greens are fine and the mashed potatoes have that homey, made from a mix kind of texture...

        1. I would highly recommend meeting the per person minimum ($15?) with drinks and eat someplace else before or after!

          1. Largo is one of my favorite places on the planet. I love me Mr. Flanny the owner, the talent is just outstanding, the crowds are usually fabulous and friendly - but the food?
            Yeah, not so much.
            I normally get a Largo salad - unoffensive and basic. Twice Baked Chicken is so-so, pastas are bland, but really, you're not going for the food :)

            Have fun!

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            1. re: PoetKitty

              yeah. I know I'm not going for the food, but for the music.

              But as a hound, I do care about what I eat ;) and wanted to avoid anything potentially terrible. I like the suggestion about sticking w/ $15 of drinks vs. food. I wonder if they would allow that since the web page and voice mail specifically mentioned a $15 per person food minimum.

              1. re: LAgirl

                Maybe you can negotiate a side deal. Tell them you'll meet them half way and offer to pay them $7.50 to NOT eat there?

                1. re: LAgirl

                  You are actually not allowed to do this I believe. There must be a minimum $15 food order, regardless of drinks.

                  1. re: LAgirl

                    It's $15 food minimum. Drinks are separate. Look, the food's not bad; it's nothing a chowhound would get excited about, but hey, we all need a night off. Everything is basically $15, the honey chicken is just fine, and in tomato season the caprese salad is a good choice too. Here's a tip from a regular: lots of people eating there are pretty difficult, obnoxious customers; be very friendly to your server and you'll get great service. And hound or not, you will be back for the music regardless of what you think of the food.

                2. Possibly the worst quality/$ proposition in the entire city. Still can be worth it to get a nice seat for the show. Eat beforehand, and assume you are gonna snack on airline food and leave most of it on your plate.

                  1. Be sure to order an Irish Coffee - they serve the best I've ever had.

                    I would rather go to a place like Largo and have lousy food with great music than the other way around....

                    1. I am a former uber-regular at Largo and must 'fess that I've eaten more than one unhappy meal there; good thing the music always more than made up for it.

                      GOOD NEWS! The last time went to Largo (w/i last three weeks) I was told that Flanny has hired a new chef and that the food is "really good!" I will take the plunge and order food next time I go to Largo and report back.

                      Anyone have Largo food comparison pre/post September 2006?

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                      1. re: yinyangdi

                        If they've got a new chef, I'll try it again, but my god, every meal I have had there has been the worst meal I have ever eaten. After the first couple times I just got a salad to be safe, and even that was bad - a caesar with boxed croutons, mayonaisey gloppy bottled dressing, makes me shudder to think about it.

                        1. re: bobbyperu

                          I did go there recently (after 28 Sep). The menu looks to be the same, but the food did seem a little better. Taking a quote from 'Trainspotting': No, it's no bad, but it's no great either.

                          I do have to say that the service was great, and the music was superb (Colin Hay still rocks and can still write a catchy tune).


                      2. I agree great music and the staff seem really nice but the food not so good which sucks since there's that minimum. I was just there in August for Bic Runga and the food is okay nothing you ever crave though. I hope they have a new chef, I would be more willingly to the pay the price.

                        1. I've never eaten amazing food there, but nothing's been that bad, in my experience. Haven't been since August, or whenever this new chef supposedly started.

                          Every menu item is (was?) designed for quick service & plating, since so many orders hit the line at once. Given this reality, I think the cooks did ok. Whoever's running the kitchen built the menu to ensure a reasonable level of quality under duress.

                          The real issue is: reserve a table & guarantee a seat vs. stand in line for the bar & you might not get in for the really popular shows. What takes priority: food, or the show?

                          1. Order 3 Guinness (remember there is a sandwich in every glass) Then try and convince the waitperson to accept your logic. If that doesn't work....get the food & nibble. By the end of the show you should be sober enough to drive. Enjoy the show!

                            1. The sandwiches and salads at T, the tea place across the street from Largo, are pretty good. T closes at midnight on weekdays and at 1 on weekends. The kitchen...hmmm...probably closes at 10 or 11?

                              Doughboys is open until midnight as well, but it's further away...