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Sep 23, 2011 10:00 AM

Stracciatella soup in advance?

I'm making stracciatella soup for a potluck. I'm wondering if the soup can be made in advance and kept warm or if I must make it a la minute.

If you have experience with stracciatella, I'd love some advice.


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  1. I like to make it the night before I want to serve it to be honest with you. I think the flavors get to blend better. Will you have the time to bring it to serving temperature when you're there?

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    1. re: cgarner

      Yes, there should be an available burner there. I have the option of making it a la minute in what will most likely be a busy kitchen or just heating it up.

      If you have found that it keeps well overnight then there doesn't seem to be an advantage to finishing the soup at the party.

    2. Make it up to the point of adding the eggs, then cool and refrigerate. Next day, at potluck, bring to boiling, stir in eggs, and serve.

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      1. re: sr44

        That was the initial plan -- finishing the dish a la minute. I'm okay with that but it'll probably be bananas in the kitchen with others thinking the same thing for many of their dishes so I thought I'd see if I could avoid that if possible.

        No shortcuts, I guess. :)