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Sep 23, 2011 09:48 AM

Bermuda - new lunch trucks

I was pretty happy to see the expansion of lunch trucks around Hamilton, given the boom everywhere else. The new Little Mexico truck and the older Smokin Barrel truck as well. The addition of Mexican and bbq is very welcome and makes me happy. Have yet to try them though given the perpetual line up at Little Mexico (although 2 reports have it pricey for the portion size). And well, it's still a bit warm for me to head up Front St to the Smokin Barrel.

Anyone got any input on these 2 new food ventures?

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  1. Late reply, but just discovering the BDA thread here. I arrived on the island late September and have been trying hard to find great places to eat. My daughter and i like the chimichanga at the Mexican truck...okay portion, but really packed with meat (which tasted way more like pork than beef to me, but...I didn't ask)..I'd happily share a chimichanga for lunch. I had the tostada first time I went and it was tasty if small. then dined with a friend last night who did NOT like the fish tacos, but I haven't tasted that dish yet.

    Have you gotten there yet??

    BDAChow, I'm working my way through your posts to see what you have to say about many places here. I've found it rough going to find something I find okay for the money. Winner so far for me is Maria's, especially the $20 nightly special (three courses to choose from a set list). I had pasta there that was perfectly cooked. Saying a lot since I rarely eat out Italian in the States.

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      The hot dog cart in Par La Ville is also very good and reasonable. On a nice day they have a seating area which makes for a pleasant lunch. Have also tried the BBQ cart but the fault here is the menu -it is way too large for a proper truck operation. This seems to be a problem here with local dining as they want to serve everything at the expense of serving a few things really well. I sampled the BBQ ribs (I had assumed they would be pork but were beef) and they were just OK. Some of the best eating can be found during the day between Cafe 4, the Asian Thai take out/eat at tables buffet just beyond it going into Beluga, and Beluga. A lot of sushi, but some other great heat dishes all at good prices. This is lunch time/day only. For take out the Upper Crust (Flatt's and Warwick Workmens) has one of those 'everything' menus, but the Indian and Thai style curries are particularly good and offer value for eat in.

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        Thanks, HH--I've been driving by Upper Crust in Warwick and keep meaning to try it. I also read something about the place on the football pitch just near the entrance to Horseshoe. Have you tried that?

        I forgot about the hotdog cart, I want to give that a try, too.

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          Not tried it but I think it may be more ice cream stuff and cold drinks. Tio Pepe, close by, while is busy is not my favorite. Another mystery in the Bermuda line-up of eateries: some good pasta dishes but otherwise very pedestrian. Inexpensive local fare can be had over at Bermy cuisine at Heron Bay. This is casual 'diner', but daily dishes are good. Licensed as well. Menu not the all encompassing type you'll find at Upper Crust.

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        Hi BF!

        Welcome to Bermuda, I have long since given up the concept of value for money on the island and just go for what I consider tasty eats. :o)

        I agree with Maria's although it really depends on the dish that you order. I love their calamari, so perfectly fried, not super greasy, not super battered and still nice and tender. Their zeppole are also perfect for dessert as are most of their pastas. I recently had their oxtail ravioli and was a bit disappointed by a tough chewy pasta but delicious filling. Hit and miss.

        I still haven't made it to the BBQ truck or the hot dog cart, I'm a bit spoiled on hot dogs, being from Vancouver, the Japadog carts make a fabulous dog with interesting toppings. Hence the lack of real traction to go and try. I enjoy Beluga and think that Sammy does a fabulous job although I found their menu a bit limited due to no real kitchen. Suffice to say when they first opened I went often as they had an eggplant dish that was fabulous but got removed from the menu due to lack of interest. Sad...

        I generally avoid most Asian cuisines as well, I am always ultimately disappointed. I'm Chinese by heritage so grew up a bit spoiled for it. Having said that though, if you're interested in something different, Cafe Acoreano (sp?), the little bakery across from the bus station, underneath American Airlines, on Sundays is rented out to the Fililpinos who put on a buffet including beverages and dessert. Sold by weight. Some hits, some misses. You can eat there but I think it's better taking home and reheating it yourself. I really enjoyed the skewers and the tripe, super tender and the desserts as well.

        The Dine-Around card might be something you could use to try some places out as well. Think it's $135 for 3 dinners at any MEF group restaurant (L'Oriental, Fourways, Blu, LIttle Venice, HarbourFront & Lido).

        Another decent enough deal is the executive lunch at Barracuda, can't remember how much it was off the top of my head though. But it's meant to get you in and out relatively quickly. And the chocolate chip cookies at the end are always a treat.

        Hope this helps a bit.