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Sep 23, 2011 09:47 AM

Cheap eats in Vienna

Are there any good, but also not too pricey eatery places in Vienna?

Basically I love food but on current budgets, not looking for the flashest (yes, understand I am asking for a compromise)

Nevertheless I live in hope!

Danke fellow Chowhounders! :-)

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  1. we didn't look for less expensive places to eat, just really wonderful food.
    spent 3 nights/4 days there and ate such great food.
    again money wasn't on our mind, it was our anniversary vacation and feeling the foods of Vienna was what we were looking to do, plus enjoy it no end and WE DID.

    sorry I can't help with reasonabley priced foods except you can always walk into a place with grand marble flooring [places over there are all decked out in grand marble flooring :) love it] and pick up a pizza on the fly and not real expensive, or a bowl of pasta, same deal.

    1. Vienna is definitely a good place when you have not much money to spend...

      There are hundreds of small cafes, beisl, and pizzerias, and even more street food: würstlstände, döner kebaps and noodle kiosks as well as pizza bakeries.

      Even in the downtown area, where all the tourists are, you can find inexpensive eatieries.

      Now give me some hints what food you prefer:

      Authentic inexpensive Austrian food (gulasch or beuschl), or rather Asian food (fried noodles), or pizza, or middle eastern street food such as falafel, or just some fried sausages ....

      There are also dozens of restaurants were you can get a decent lunch menu of two or three course for less than 10 Euro ...

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        Dr Falafel in the Naschmarkt makes lovely platters. I could go for one right now!

        1. re: Sturmi

          Thanks Sturmi !

          haha this is a really hard question for me as I love all different cuisines (depending on my mood) and so I was fishing for all variations.

          I found one recently called Bamboo (and this is embarrassing) but it is basically an Asian buffet bar for a very decent price. So essentially, good Asian food.

          Can you mention though any decent restaurants where I can find yummy albeit not overly expensive food?

          I was at Naschmarkt today and many wealthy looking people sitting outside the seafood restaurants. Also Kim's restaurant, though I am not convinced that her food would be that great. I have been to Asia and there one finds delicious food at excellent prices. But this is Europe.

          Anyway thanks for anything at all, and apologies for such lack of detail :)


          1. re: Sturmi


            PS When I visit it is usually around the 1,2, 6 and 7th districts but if there are ones you think are worth heading out for also, that would also be cool....

            Cheers :)

            1. re: floatsy

              Let me classify my tips into, lunch, dinner, snacks in between and splurges.

              A good tip is to try the lunch menu in one of the many Kaffeehäuser. Most of them cannot thrive on selling coffee only, and therefore offer one or two dishes of the day during lunch hours.

              The same is true for wine bars !!
              Wein&Co is offering a wonderful two course business lunch in their branches on Stephansplatz and Mariahilferstrasse. And the wine is served in 1/16 of a litre ("half glasses"), so nothing is blocking you from sampling great wine at lunch...

              We also like lunch at some ethnic places: Hatam Grill on Währingerstrasse is an excellent Iranian grill and has had lunch menues for less than 10 Euro, although I am not quite sure they still do so. Pars on Lechenfelderstrasse still has an inexpensive Iranian lunch menu, and is worth a try. You will notice that the Viennese love Iranian food, and the customers are about 50% Iranian expats and 50% Viennese.

              Thai food lovers flock to Sri Thai on Baumgasse or Isaan Thai on Gumpendorferstrasse, where I had a wonderful lunch menu for 6.80 just yesterday.

              Of course all the Wiener Beisl are open for lunch as well. I have mentioned Rudi´s Beisl frequently, and he is the best, but there is also Zur Goldenen Glocke on Lazarettgasse, Zum Reznicek in Reznicekgasse, both in 9., district, or Woraszizcky in 5., Gasthaus Stern in 11., or Gassner Wirtshaus and Kolonitzbeisl in 3. district, just to name a few, but there are many, many more !!

              Kukubura has already mentioned all the sandwich places.
              The Wiener Würstelstand is a local insitution. The best are Bitzinger between Opera and Albertina, Leo´s Würstelstand at the U 6 Nußdorferstrasse and the Würstelstand am Hohen Markt, but the rest is quite OK as well...

              I have my own favourite for falafel, and it is NOT Dr.Falafel, he is right in the city center, not on Naschmarkt: Sababa on Rotenturmstrasse in 1.district. I always order the Falafelteller, which is served just with some humus, salads and mixed pickles. A pita bread and some lemonade, and you are in heaven ...

              Inexpensive dinners are either at some Italian pizzeria or in Viennese beisl. There are really great pizzerias in town, and here - for the first time - I will list the ones we prefer:

              1.district: Gennaro in Bräunerstrasse, La Norma on Singerstrasse
              2.district. Mari in Leopoldsgasse
              3.district: That´s Amore on Messenhausergasse/Landstrasse (the best of all !!)
              9. district: Guliano in Tendlergasse and Mar in Müllnergasse
              15.district: Capatosta on Sechshauserstrasse
              18.district: Roma in Kutschkergasse

              But for dinner you might also want to splurge a little bit and try one of the real interesting places offering a more inventive variety of Viennese cuisine, such as Zum Finsteren Stern in 1., Martin Stein in 19., Kutschker44 or Freyenstein in 18., Gaumenspiel in 7., Woracziczky in 5., or Vincent in 2. district. These places are mostly run by young chefs who care about their food and their customers. You will like it there !!

              1. re: Sturmi


                Wow wow and wow

                Exactly! what I was looking for

                Vielen dank!

                Also great to hear a recommendation on falafel, I do eat at the Naschmarkt stalls but for some reason I have a lingering suspicion that one could find better places outside of there. Call me paranoid!

                Anyway thankyou again, I will definitely visit this list and am way excited about having some tangible leads.


                1. re: Sturmi

                  Hi Sturmi,

                  Now that Christmas approaches, are there any special food items, snacks, drinks, or street foods coming available and not to be missed ?

                  1. re: PoppiYYZ

                    The Pre-Christmas season is the Christmas market season. A lot of food is served there, but IMHO the only thing remarkable are the Bohemian potatoe patties served with garlic butter, which are available on Spittelberg market. But these patties are to die for...

                    Beside of these markets Vienna will also be full of small kiosks serving mulled wine and hot punch, as well as many vendors of hot chestnuts and fried potatoes.

                    In the restaurants the most important fact is that between December 1 and December 23 it is extremely hard to get a table without reservation, since everybody will meet with friends and all the companies will celebrate Christmas parties for their employees. Compared to other cities December is not only the month of shopping, but also the months of persistent heavy drinking and partying....

                    1. re: Sturmi

                      Looks like I have picked the perfect time to visit !

                      My approach to avoiding over-crowded restaurants is to have a leisurely weekday lunch (along with something to sip on) starting at 2pm, followed by a late dinner. I will however make reservations immediately.

            2. My favorite cheap eats from our trips to Vienna are probably the places where we've had tiny little canape sandwiches. There are three that we've visited so far and they each have their own unique energy and aesthetic:

              Buffet Trzesniewski - The little sandwiches here are perfect little rectangles of modern art covered with a wide variety of delicious spreads. You wash them down with tiny little "pfiffs" of ice cold beer. There's one steps away from Stephensdom and one on Mariahilferstrasse, a major shopping street. (an others, I'm sure)

              Duran - Here the sandwiches are lusciously arranged selections of meats, cheeses and eggs perched atop little semi-circles of sliced baguette. Beer is also the accompaniment. There's one on Mariahilferstrasse almost right next door to Trzesniewski, great for combining the two.

              Zum Schwarzen Kameel - This is a really beautiful restaurant that also has a countertop section with their own very high end, yet still cheap canapes. The drink of choice here is Zum Schwarzen Kameel's own wines. We loved their crisp gruner veltliner. The location is near Stephensplatz.

              All three are awesome and different enough that you wouldn't be repeating yourself if you did multiple. You can see pics from the first two here, although our more recent trip with ZSK hasn't been blogged yet:

              Otherwise, Sturmi is right (as always) that there is a stunning variety of affordable places to eat great food in Vienna. From street food to homey rustic cafes and bistros to places that look far fancier than their prices suggest.

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              1. re: kukubura


                Many thanks ! I went to your blogpost and basically loved it. I will be reading a lot more.

                Thanks for the suggestions, also, I have not seen Zum Schwarzen Kameel so I will look out for it.

                I know what you mean about Dr Falafel, I had some falafels just last week there and liked it. What platters do you get from them, can you order them immediately?

                Thanks again!

                1. re: floatsy

                  My wife posted some pics of the platters we had at Dr Falafel as well (it's her blog, not mine, although obviously we share the experiences!): although of course Sturmi's alternate falafel recommendation has my interest...

                  That reminds me of the ULTIMATE cheap eat in Vienna (also in the above post): Der Wiener Deewan, A Pakistani restaurant near the university that is pay as you wish. You literally pay what you can!

                  The Bitzinger wurstlstand that Sturmi suggested is really cool. Very sleek, stainless steel structure. Awesome and open late.

                  One of my favorite recommendations, that I've delivered many times, is Phönixhof, a traditional rustic Viennese restaurant with hearty classic fare and a very relaxed vibe. I love that place.

                  edit: and don't forget Heurigen! A couple of glasses of wine and some lovely items from the buffet can be a very inexpensive, relaxing and enjoyable afternoon or evening.

                  1. re: kukubura

                    Yes, September to November is heurigen season, although the real "heuriger Wein" will only be available later. But now you get something special, fermenting wine called "Sturm", which is yummy AND dangerous, because a slight overdose will make headaches AND diarrhea...

                    Fall is also game and pumpkin season. Pumpkin soup will be served everywhere, and is usually garnished with pumpkin seed oil and roasted pumpkin seeds. Definitely a dish for everyone !!

                    Game lovers will also find enough to be happy, and this is the right place to add one wonderful beisl serving Viennese cuisine at its best to my list:
                    Feles (also known as Zur Schwarzen Katze and now located on 18., Bischof Faberplatz). The ambiente is more funeral home than restaurant, but the service is very friendly and helpful and the food is to die for (maybe therefore the fitting ambiente ??).


                    The chef of Feles, Günther Szigeti, is famous for his game dishes. I would only recommend to call and ask for a table in advance, they are always solidly booked for weeks. When you are lucky and get a table, ask for a four course menu surprise and state what kind of food you do not like. This experience will be unforgettable...

                    The price ?

                    You get a four course menu of highest quality for Euro 35 to 38 !

                    1. re: Sturmi

                      For those who are afraid of sturm they can always pour you a glass from a regular bottle that won't cause diarrhea! Our visits to date haven't really coincided with neue wein season but we've still fallen in love with the heuriger experience.

                      1. re: Sturmi

                        Anniversaries comin up too, more reason to celebrate :-)

                      2. re: kukubura

                        Hey kukubura

                        I actually read those blog posts with interest and particularly like the pictures (a picture speaks a thousand words after all it is said :-))

                        Yes I am also looking forward to sample the alternate as I usually get falafel from Dr.s when I am in town. Oh that and Manschu, which is another moderately priced felafel place in the sixth or so district.

                        Thanks again, bon apetit!

                        1. re: floatsy

                          Indeed! There are so many great choices in Vienna. Make sure to come back and recap your experiences next time. Sitting her in the USA dreaming of another European vacation I need all the help I can get!

                  2. The Vapiano chain has good Italianesque food at budget-friendly prices.

                    If you happen to go sightseeing at Mexikoplatz near Leopoldstadt (Vorgartenstraße 173), you can get a good inexpensive South Asian-style lunch at Thali.