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Sep 23, 2011 09:41 AM

visiting hound looking for food of unusual ethnicities (staying in north london)


i'm a chowhound visiting london for a few days who normally lives in san francisco
or new york, and works in silicon valley. i'm looking for unique places/unusual
options, and family restaurant holes in the wall, staying with friends in nw3, but can
take the underground anywhere.

we have good chinese and thai food in san francisco, but i'd particularly
like to find some authentic south indian, malaysian or singaporese food.
or african? i've seen lots of greek (highly represented in new york) and
turkish (underrepresented in the us)...

is there carrot cake in london? (the singaporese specialty, not the hippy dessert...)
is there feijoada here? (tomorrow is saturday, after all).

(these are just two ideas).

on sunday afternoon i'm going to a place unlike those above, namely, st john (i hear
it's an offal place to eat) -- i've been triping it up in france for a week already.

if any hounds are interested in a chowdown this weekend (sat lunch or sunday evening)
i could be there...

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  1. Hey there,

    You're close to a lot of very good Turkish food in North London. Check the Green Lanes and Dalston threads for this. Green Lanes has some particularly good stuff and I've had very good meals at Antepliller and a few other places there (can't remember the other names right now.)

    If you want authentic South Indian go out to East Ham and do a bit of a crawl. This is a bit of a trek from you, but if you're dedicated then do it. The area's overwhelmingly South Indian and Tamil Sri Lankan. Pakistanis, Bengalis, Punjabis and Gujaratis fill in most of the remaining population. A walk on High St North means the possibility of street food, guaranteed Indian street food counters in cell phone stores, Thattukada (consistently the best Keralan restaurant I've ever been to; it has a very long thread that you can search for), Anandha Bhavan (dosa, iddly, Tamil stuff, etc), Hyderabadi Spice (rich Muslim Hyderabadi food, etc. I think it's worth it but you'll get plenty of responses telling you not to go because you're in town for a short time and need to see the tourist trail.

    You can get feijoada at quite a few places. Your most reliable go-to would be one of the places that Limster has recently covered. I believe one was in Brixton while the other was in far NW London in an area that acts as the center of the London Brazilian population (Kilburn?)

    There's an OK vegetarian Gujarati place that DaveMP posted about as well as some interesting Mauritian food near you at Chez Liline.

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      This thread may give you some ideas, too. It's long but worth going through.

      Enjoy your stay!