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Sep 23, 2011 07:52 AM

Quality/value Greek on St Catherine W (near old Forum) - grain fed chicken

I posted a comment in "restaurant openings" earlier and forgot to add "Greek" description for this great new opening. Bright, clean and service with pride. Kid friendly and adult enough for BYOB. Excellent take-out value as well.
A welcome addition to this area

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  1. I think you put it in the closing thread, not the opening ...

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    1. re: Maximilien

      Correct, sorry, this was original post:
      Just tried "Sparta" on St Catherine, west of Atwater/across from Alexis Nihon plaza-wonderfully tasty grain fed chicken/moist - done roasted or braised...I suggest braised on charcoal....seems to be a high positive energy place, BYOB and very kid friendly. Exceptionally helpful staff in both service and attitude....does take-out as well.....well worth a (repeat) visit

      1. re: CMT

        When you say braised on charcoal, could you elaborate?

        1. re: BLM

          It's so difficult to find chicken braised on charcoal these days.... ;-)

          Guessing the OP meant grilled, rather than braised- and just happened to have a verb glitch? ;-)

          1. re: prima

            I believe they do a double process with finish on charcoal.......let me know what you think after tasting....

            1. re: CMT

              Will try to give it a try, next time I'm in town ;-)

              Here's the website:

              and menu (where you can see the restaurant offers "roasted" and "braised" chicken, in 2 different columns):

              Interesting that according to the menu, the chicken is Halal, as well as grain-fed. The 4 Spartans I know in/from Montreal don't cook with halal chicken. Then again, I only know 4 Spartan Montrealers ;-)

      1. re: Mr F

        Sparta Rotisserie & Grill
        4024B St Catherine W


      2. Does Sparta do souvlaki well?

        All comments are just re. their braised chicken which I've tried and was pretty tasty (didn't find it earth shattering or anything) but what about their other offerings?

        How's the souvlaki; do they use the same chicken or is it grilled on skewer? Is it sparse or loaded with sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, etc? What about their tzaziki? And filet mignon too?

        I'm thinking about ordering in for lunch but want to try some other things...


        1. I was in the area recently and stopped by for lunch, the chicken was nice and moist with lots and lots of oregano, really up there as far as chicken joints go. The one negative are their fries, thin cut frozen fries, I guess they are ok for frozen, The fries are served with oregano sprinkled on as well. Definitely worth the stop if you are in the area.

          The do have a few different menu items but they only serve chicken; grilled chicken, chicken salads and chicken souvlaki.

          1. Googling the place, I've found both that it is halal and that it is byow. I know that isn't impossible, as there are such places (South Asian) on Jean-Talon W in Parc-Ex, but it seems an odd combination in that area.

            4024 Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, Westmount H3Z 1P2,
            Téléphone :+1 514-907-7970