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Sep 23, 2011 06:41 AM

Pupuserias closed - where to get pupusas in Westchester?

Had a hankering for pupusas last weekened and decided to check out Rinconcito Migueleno in Port Chester, which had gotten good reviews on this board. But when I got there, the place was gone, replaced by another restaurant.

So I headed to Mamaroneck to have the very good pupusas at the Salvadoran spot inside O'Neill's Country Store. Only that place was gone as well!

So where can a guy still get a pupusa in Westchester County?


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  1. Try Super Pan bakery a few stores over from O'Neill's

    1. If you don't mind going to Mt. Kisco, the pupusas at Rincon Santeneco on Main St. are terrific.

      1. The one in O'Neill's is gone?? I am bummed. Her pupusas were excellent.

        1. There's a place at 197 South Broadway in Yonkers called La Pupusa Loca, that is supposed to be great. I haven't been there, but a friend who is Salvadorian swears by them.

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            We went last night and had some pupusas (queso y frijoles), tamales, and platano maduro. The food was excellent. The kitchen got a little backed up for awhile, but they had good music on the jukebox, so it was no problem. The pupusas were fantastic. The platano maduro was perfectly sweet -- they let that plantain get soft, black, and super ripe, which is exactly what they're supposed to be like. The sweet corn tamal (tamal de elote) was light, not-too-sweet, and fluffy -- really excellent. The chicken tamale was perhaps a bit light on chicken, but it was also good. All in all, a very good meal at a bargain basement price -- it cost $16 for all this food and a couple sodas.

          2. I was in Port Chester on Friday. The place on Westchester Ave at the corner closer to the train station in the same block as Inca y Gaucho and Los Gemelos had a sign about pupusas. Can't tell you anything about the quality (if I hadn't been heading to dinner, in the rain, I'd probably have stopped in since I've never had a pupusa), but maybe someone else here has been there.

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              My husband told me that there had been a sign in the window for a while stating that the O'Neill's pupusa lady had moved elsewhere - nearby in fact - but he couldn't recall the details so I will have to go in and see if anyone there knows where she is.

              Elise, I've also heard that in PC - El Tesoro II has very good pupusas and have yet to try them. I live in Mmk so was thrilled to have the O'Neill's counter right nearby. With any luck she's still around.

              1. re: laylag

                The woman that was in the back of O'Neil's Country Store has moved to Halstead ave directly across from the Mamaroneck train station.

                Country Store
                1319 Lake Rd, Webster, NY 14580

              2. re: Elisa515

                That place on the corner near los gemelos is called, (if I remember correctly) la pupusa loca. Pupusas there were pretty good, but hit and miss. Perhaps rinconcito Salvadoreno is still there? It's just a stone's throw from there and had good pupusas.

                El Tesoro II did have decent pupusas, though I'm a little suspect of places that can't figure out if they are guatemalan or salvadoran. Distinctly different food. But pupusas there were definitely passable.

                Another place I found pretty good pupusas (though not as good as migueleno, was the salvadoran place on the main drag in Mt Kisco. Can't remember the name or address, but it was the opposite side of the street from Lefteris, and not far from there.

                Basic point though is that if you walked around Port Chester for more than a block, you'd likely find 2-3 places that have pupusas.

                Good luck!

                1. re: adamclyde

                  adam, good to see you post, it's Rincon Santeneco in mt kisco, mentioned by swanky upthread.