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Sep 23, 2011 05:48 AM

Places for large groups to eat breakfast near Union Station

Hi there,

I'm taking a group of around 60, mostly teens to DC in May. We're looking for a breakfast place near Union Station to eat on a Sunday. Does anyone have any suggestions. We'd be looking for inexpensive and informal with around a 9:00 dining time.

Thanks so much!


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  1. Union Station itself has a large food court. For 60 teens, I'd stick with that.

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      I'm guessing that the food court is not a good idea at 9:00 a.m. Sunday morning, but there is a McDs in the Station that might work. There also is an Au Bon Pain, Potbelly, Corner Bakery, and I think Sbarros in the Stations also offer breakfast.

      1. re: skipper

        I'm pretty sure there is a Johnny Rocket's in the food court that would be open, as well.

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          I'm pretty sure there's a Johnny Rocket's in the food court that would be open as well

      2. Thanks everyone. I am concerned the food court might not be open that early (the site has two different times for food service - 7:00am and 10:00am - for Sunday mornings. I might make a call there to confirm - the restaurants you've listed sound like what we'd need at that time of day!

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          The restaurants I listed in my previous comment open no later than 9. Johnny Rocket opens at 11, I believe, as do some of the other restaurants in the Station.

        2. Skipper ~ I hope someone here can answer your question with real facts and not vague "maybe it will be open" replies, and I certainly can't, but I think there are very few participants here on this type of venue that will be able to help you with info for a large tour group.

          If I was approaching this, I might start with the D.C. tourism people, because they have endless experience in helping large groups navigate the ins and outs of Washington.

          You may not be getting the absolute best food to be had in DC, but I can't think how that would work for 60 teenagers anyway.

          Good luck and I hope that your group has a fabulous trip!