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Sep 23, 2011 05:09 AM

Beef Wellington and Risotto

Hi all! Wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a nice restaurant near Monmouth County that serves Beef Wellington and Risotto. My five year anniversary is coming up and my wife is a big fan of Hells Kitchen and says to me the other day "I sure would like to try Beef Wellington and Risotto!" Any help would be appreciated.



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  1. Latour, Ridgewood lists both a classic preparation of beef wellington and a seafood risotto on their dinner menu:

    Silver Spring Farm, Flanders lists what looks to be a classic beef wellington on their dinner menu:

    Under the Moon Cafe in Bordentown has a variation of beef wellington (using cubed versus a cut of filet) and a butternut squash risotto in a less formal setting:

    and for an anniversary dinner in NYC, you could have beef wellington at One if by Land, Two if by Sea.

    Sorry these aren't closer to home, but may be of interest.

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    1. re: Foody4life

      Pretty sure Silver Spring Farms is no longer in business.

      Silver Spring Farm
      60 Flanders Drakestown Rd, Flanders, NJ 07836

    2. I thought there was a gordon ramsay restaurant in the city. It was really expensive though.

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        there is one in the city- but interestingly enough they have never had in all my visits there either of those two items on the menu.

      2. If it isn't too far- I highly suggest Picnic the Restaurant in Fair Lawn (bergen county). Tasty tasty beef wellngton and a lovely mushroom risotto. It's not always on the menu, so you might want to call ahead. and see.

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          Just an observation. Well meaning posters and some fin restaurants have been suggested, but the quest was for a restaurant near or in Monmouth County. While I may have a 'yen' for a certain dish some days, the fact that it may not be on the menu of one of the many excellent restaurants in Monmouth Co., won't have me travelling 30-40 or 50 miles to have that dish - special occasion or not.

          Most of us like having a cocktail, some wine with dinner with an 40-50 minute trip one way to some of the places suggested, then having to do it again, at the end of the night, well, think about it folks. Would you do it - even without alcohol? It's supposed to be a romantic evening (an anniversary dinner) and the suggested destinations require interstate speeds - not a quiet drive along Rte 29 in Hunterdon Co. or a trip through horse country on the way to Natirar.

          Perhaps the poster will take up one of the recommendations - who knows as I'm not speaking for them. Just a bit of a dyslexic response You have to admit - if you look at this thread - it has to have you scratching your head. Sort of reminds me of that TV commercial that used to humorously highlight expansive 'web responses' as someone asked someone about a certain topic and then a whole lot of information came spewing out, but never addressed the intended target.

          Not a rant, but unless you can truly macro down and give the person a good rec based on his/her criteria, .............

          1. re: JustJake

            No need to scratch your head JustJake but I do have to reply as I expected to be flagged for the places I suggested!

            Given the rather unique parameters of the OP (so few places serve beef wellington) and the "near" Monmouth county specifier, not sure the places listed are so far off base as you imply. 4 out of 6 places mentioned above serve the requested and elusive beef wellington *and* risotto. It's not like they're being directed to Ye Olde Wellington Inn & Risotto House across the pond in England! : )

            I googled "beef wellington NJ" for my post above - out of curiosity (not expecting to find much) and to try to get the conversation started. Latour Restaurant in Ridgewood actually looks quite interesting and we may venture up some evening for a try.

            Also, we've traveled an hour plus out and back on many occasions for dinners in NYC, PHL, NJ north, south and beyond. Point of reference, it's 75+ minutes to Red Bank from our front door, but we've managed to enjoy special occasion dinners at Nicolas and numerous others Monmouth county restaurants. So not out of the ordinary to assume others may as well.

            Wishing the OP a happy anniversary and a great evening along with a memorable dinner.

            1. re: Foody4life

              Thanks for your reply and I was hoping that no one would take it in the wrong context. While I will travel for an occasional meal to a destination restaurant, I'd prefer not to. I would travel to NYC or Philly by making a day of it - the theater, a museum visit, a concert parlayed with that trip is what it would need to include for me to travel that distance.

              But if our poster is on a 'mission' for a certain plate, they have options here by those who have posted. Personally, for such a special occasion, I'd rather keep it local, maybe have a nightcap or dessert (also local) and relax and enjoy the evening. Hell, maybe even take the little woman up to Twin Lights to 'make out' a bit while viewing the bay and the NYC skyline ;-).

              Counting GSP exit signs just isn't my idea of a romantic, idlyllic ride to a wonderful restaurant - as you very well should know - travelling in the dark on a competitive roadway like the GSP isn't relaxing and that's what special occasions should be all about. Time spent together - and not focused on the roadway for an hour. Cheers.

        2. Not being familiar with Monmouth County, I can't suggest a restaurant, but I can suggest that risotto doesn't go with Beef Wellington. They are two very rich dishes.

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          1. re: ChefJune

            While this may be true for some ChefJune, the OP is being nice and trying to surprise his wife. Maybe that can split an order of risotto for a first course and then the wife can have the beef Wellington for her entree. There's always a doggy bag if she can't finish it. It's a 5th a little!

            Also...what is really so rich about risotto? A little butter and cheese? There's no cream.

            1. re: ttoommyy

              Classicly there is no cream but some chefs like to make the addition of a little cream as well. I would say to cheat.

              1. re: Spaetzle75

                Cheating is the right word. Classic or not, there should really be no cream in a risotto. The types of rice used for a risotto produce more than enough creaminess on their own if the process is done the right way. The addition of a little butter and cheese at the end heighten the creaminess. Adding cream to a risotto is sinful.

          2. I say you go for a lobster thermador, oysters Rockefeller, crab newburg, bananas foster, and baked Alaska. Then go watch Pan Am or Mad Men.

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            1. re: coldbeer

              Now, that's a pretty good audible!