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Too Many Eggs - What to bake or cook to freeze?

For some reason, I have accumulated a plethora of eggs in my refrigerator and want to do some baking or do some cooking with the aim of freezing whatever I make.

I'd be most grateful for suggestions that use a large quantity of eggs! Thanks, Hounds!

(ps, I also have about 2 cups of heavy whipping cream I need to use up, too!).

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  1. Ice Cream.....Milk and cream.......

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        My first thought, exactly! Quiche uses a lot of eggs, is easy to make and there are so many variations that it is easy to use up meats and veggies from the 'fridge.

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          oooh yes. Bread pudding and custard sauce! It doesn't freeze but it keeps in the fridge for up to a week (and who ever had a problem with too much bread pudding?) I ran low on milk last week and made a bread pudding with canned coconut milk instead and it came out fantastic.

        2. Gougeres, or simply a choux pastry. If you bake the gougeres or cream puff pastries you can freeze them. And they are super easy to make.

          Custard-style ice cream - yummm too.

          1. deviled eggs.

            egg salad sandwiches.

            ooh, old fashioned custard eggnog will use eggs and cream. YUMMMMMY. you could turn it into ice cream then!!! with some rum and raisins would be super.

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              My British grandmother made the best egg salad ever. Eggs, salt, pepper, mayo and chopped black olives. Sooooooo good. And far better than without the olives.

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                My mom's recipe exactly, except we use green olives. Simple and delicious, the salt in the olives cuts the richness very well.

            2. quiche, souffle, custards, frittatas... egg salad, my personal fave.

              1. yolks
                lemon curd (i use yolks only, but some people use whole eggs)

                angle food cake (big or minis)

                whole eggs
                matzoh balls :)
                (....can we tell rosh hashanah is approaching?)
                somewhere i saw a carrot cake that called for 7 eggs, and a chocolate flourless torte that called for 8 eggs...
                breakfast burritos? great to freeze - cook up a heck of a lot of eggs, with onions, meat of choice, and roll in flour tortilllas with hash browns, cheese, etc.

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                  Oh YES! Lemon curd. Great idea!

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                    just as a side note, um, that should say angel not angle. i wasn't suggesting constructing some sort of geometric... food... pastry.

                  2. Souffle with gorgonzola. My idea of bliss. And, protestations of you-have-to-have-it-immediately-before-it-deflates aside, I love it just as much sliced up cold for brekkies. So don't hesitate to make a generous size.

                    Ice cream was an excellent suggestion. Cinnamon and apple would be so good this time of year. Buttermilk and Nutmeg is so good with apple pie. Or even an eggnog ice cream.

                    Don't forget custards. Make a rich spicy custard and soak some great bread in it for a homey bread pudding with raisins. You could even make it with an eggy brioche.

                    Hollandaise is so lovely. If you make up a bunch for Eggs Benedict and asparagus and fish you'll find that it stores well and can be easily reheated if you've got some small hands to help out by stirring it in a tall glass or jar as it sits in a pot of hot water.

                    Greek Avgolemono is such a satisfying soup.

                    Strata is such an easy brekkie and it's hardy for the mornings that are beginning to be chilly.

                    If you've still got some left over, how about homemade mayonnaise? Serve it French-style dolloped on top of slice hard boiled eggs with slivers of anchovy.

                    1. Frittata uses a good amount and can be cut into individual servings and frozen

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                        Buona idea. Mi piacciono frittate (plural) molto.

                      2. Posts have already covered everything but I will add a 1940's item, "Egg & Olive" for sandwiches---mash up hardboiled eggs with mayonnaise then add a lot of sliced pimiento-stuffed green olives. Use whole wheat bread for the sandwiches and add leafy lettuce.

                        1. Good Lord! You mention "too many eggs" and the hounds get egg-static! Ha! The OP wants suggestions for foods to cook or bake that he/she can then FREEZE! I'm thinking pickled eggs, egg salad, deviled eggs, mayo, etc don't meet the OP's criteria.

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                            I can't think of any freezable lots-of-egg dishes... but you can never have too much egg in your custard or bread pudding.

                            Another suggestion - make oatmeal for breakfast and beat a couple of eggs into the pot (one per serve) It makes it really creamy and extra nutritious.

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                              quiche, strata and fritatta all freeze very well.

                              lemon/lime/orange curd can keep for months in the fridge.

                              unless space in your fridge is an issue, the eggs will keep much longer than just the sell-by date on the cartons.

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                                I was wondering how long lemon curd would keep, because I am crazy about it. Wow - if it will keep for a long time, then that is where my over-supply of eggs is going! Thanks!

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                                  i make a scottish version that uses honey rather than sugar. because of honey's antibacterial qualities, that may increase the shelf life. just hazarding a guess here.

                            2. WOW! I love you guys! Thanks so much for your ideas. I'm thinking about these custards that keep being mentioned... favorite recipes, please!

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                                Go Wolfpack...invite some NC State students over to help you devour some eggs.

                              2. i was just wondering how many eggs you have. eggs keep for a pretty long while, if they are properly stored so that moisture loss is minimized. of course, the longer you have them, the better they are for hard-cooking.

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                                  How this happened, I am not sure, except that my A.D.D. must have kicked in big time, but I have two twelve packs that are full, and did have another 6 in another crate until earlier today when I made egg salad (and hello! yuuummmm with the olives! I had never had olives in egg salad before! thank you whomever posted that suggestion above! a whole new world has opened up for me!)

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                                    24 eggs? That's nothing.

                                    I currently have 42 right now.

                                    And I'm not sweating a bit about using them up

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                                      i live alone and have 3 dozen in the fridge. although now that the weather is cooling off, i'll be doing more baking, so just friday stocked up on eggs and butter.

                                2. Gugelhupf, hands down. It uses a lot of eggs, is actually easy to make, and keeps well, and is great even staled as French toast or in bread pudding. You can use a Bundt pan; the dough, being yeas-raised, will require some wrestling to get evenly around the center, but it's pretty easy work all in all.

                                  1. Breakfast casserole uses a lot of eggs. I make a recipe by Emeril Lagasse from foodnetwork.com. I would post the recipe, but I am not very adept at such things and currently cannot find my printed recipe to write it out here. Guess I'm not much help, but it should be easy to google many recipes.Quiche is also a great idea.

                                    1. Old-fashioned pound cake. Uses lots of eggs and it freezes well!

                                      I've never made one, but my mom used to make them and they were always the best! Brings back childhood memories.

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                                        i just made a luscious dorie greenspan pound cake.

                                      2. Homemade mayo! There's nothing better.....

                                        1. A quick Sally Lunn bread can use up as many as three eggs per loaf, depending on the recipe.

                                          1. Maida Heatter's Santa Fe Brownies (the one with cream cheese) uses eight eggs per batch. These freeze well.