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Sep 23, 2011 03:58 AM

Need Recommendations for Birthday Dinner - Birmingham Area

Birmingham Chowhounds, I need your help.

My husband wil be celebrating his 40th birthday this year, and I'm looking for a place to have his party. What I have in mind is a restaurant where they have a meeting room/banquet room where we can be a bit separated from the main dining area. I need seating for up to 25-35 people.

I'm planning to show a video during the dinner, and we are bringing our own cake. So, I'd like to have a place either where we can display the video via a projector on the wall, or plug in a DVD player into a TV mounted on a wall.

Guests will be buying their own dinner/drinks (please do not lecture me on how tacky this is - he's back in college, so money is tight for us.) As for type of food - he likes everything (except Indian), especially seafood, sushi, and a good hamburger. Price range - moderate.

I'm open to suggestions from as far South as Columbiana and as far north as Trussville/Argo/Springville. Would prefer to remain off of I-65 north, if possible. And, some of the folks invited do not drive on the highway.. so this needs to be somewhat easy for them to drive to.

Thanks for the help!

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  1. Jannae, I'm pretty sure Dodiyos has a couple of different banquet room options, and it's got a broad menu in terms of options and prices.

    I think a lot of the places in town that do private dining tend to be spendy, as a friend who recently planned a birthday found. She ended up with the quasi-Mexican place at Five Points South, but the food (meh) was tertiary to the drinks and karaoke for her.

    On the cheaper end, Cantina and Fish Market may have private room options, too, but I'm not sure. And good drink options -- margaritas at Cantina or bottles of wine for the table at FM both seem budget festive to me.

    Anyone know if J. Clyde can close off some of their warren of rooms?

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      Oh, and Rojo's also a possibility if you're going on the cheaper end. I think they often close off their second room.

      2921 Highland Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35205

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        Thank you for the suggestions MG!