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Sep 23, 2011 01:37 AM

looking for fish heads for stock

I am looking forward to making a nice fish stock on the weekend and want to know if there are any recommendations on where I can get preferably some halibut fish heads from a fishmonger for stock. Does anybody know a good fishmonger in the Vancouver region that supplies good fish heads other than salmon?

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  1. I'd try either The Lobster Man, or Seafood City (inside public market) on Granville Island.

    Or Seven Seas on W. 4th.

    Or any of the T&T Supermarkets.

    1. The daily catch cuts halibut every day, and you can get bones in the morning (around 10:30) for $1.50/lb. I really like that spot.

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      1. Finest at Sea on Granville Island often have halibut. I asked for a lb of bones once there and for something like $3 they gave me a whole damn large halibut back. It must have weighed 6 lbs and had a whole lot of meat still on it. YMMV.