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Sep 22, 2011 08:18 PM

Looking for a professional food/neighborhood tour guide

Hi-- I have about 10-12 clients from a food company who will be in NY Oct 12. We're looking for a professional guided tour of a multi-ethnic food neighborhood that morning. The more off-the-beaten path, the better. Anything inspiring. We've got Queens covered. Any ideas? Shoot me a note. Thanks.

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    1. I second the Joe Distefano suggestion for Flushing or anywhere else in Queens including the Queens Boulevard corridor.

      You might also check out Myra Alperson, who covers all boroughs and does private tours as well as scheduled tours.

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        thanks, I checked out Myra' site and will reach out to her this week. Great recommednation, I appreciate it!

      2. Absolute best tour Ive been on is the NY Beer and Brewery tour. They take you to breweries, beer gardens and specialty beer bars in Manhattan, Queens but primarily in Brooklyn. One of the stops is a great beer and food tasting. They also talk about the history of breweries in NY and take you to some old sites. I did it with a friend (thy do tours every saturday) but it would really work well for a group-and I beleieve they do by appointment tours-they take you in an air conditioned coach.

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          1. Hi Everyone,
            We had two great tours in Queens last week, one with Joe DiStefano in Flushing, and one with Marc Preven of Newrotic tours (find him here )
            I went on Marc's tour of Jackson Heights and it was WONDERFUL. Four continents in two hours, really great insights about people and culture in addition to great food. Marc was charming and knowledgeable, extremely well informed and in love with his neighborhood where he has lived his entire life. Highly recommended. Thanks again for all the leads CHOW!

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