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Sep 22, 2011 08:16 PM

30th bday dinner party for a foodie BF in Puerto Vallarta

I am planning a trip to Puerto Vallarta in January for my boyfriend's 30th bday. I have a villa with a chef who is going to make us a great dinner party but I have to specify the menu. What is seasonal, local and special for a Puerto Vallartan meal in January? (I had initially thought lobster but I realized it is not local to the area.) Please help!!

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  1. I am a personal chef who used to live in P.V. and did a lot of cooking. The lobster is warm water lobster, and in my opinion far inferior to cold water lobster. Shrimp is very good and affordable as is snapper or as the call it hautchenango (sp.) . The pork is far superior to the beef, beef being not to U.S. standards unless you have something braised. There is a fish dish that is very famous in a few restaurants, made with a whole snapper called Pescado Zarandeado. It is one of my favorite dishes in all of Mexican cooking.

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      Thanks so much! I was also thinking beef but you definitely skewed me to the whole snapper. Great advice!

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        I suggest that you spend a couple of nights at top-rated restaurants and ask then.
        Sea Bass is always good, Tuna is really good in PV, prawns are delicious.
        If you haven't try visiting Cafe des Artistes, you might get a good idea for the dinner.
        It is one of the best restaurants in Mexico.
        I was there recently since we started offering 3-5-12 course packages for them and went there to ensure about the quality, and it is really good, specially the desserts.

        1. re: beachtoursmexico

          I second a trip to Cafe des Artistes, the food and presentation is fantastic.

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            Cafe des Artistes looks amazing! Thanks for the great idea. How is La Palapa for a good outdoor birthday brunch/lunch?

            1. re: rupjer

              La Palapa is great for lunch or dinner. Probably best restaurant on the beach.

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                Between Brunch and Lunch I would definitely do Brunch. Breakfast at La Palapa is simply AMAZING.
                Cafe des Artistes still beats Palapa on dinner, not by far but it is noticeable.
                I have copies of some of the menus if you need them.

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                  Thank you all! I can't wait to finally go and report back!

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