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Sep 22, 2011 08:01 PM

Dinner for 15 suggestions?

Greetings SF Bay Area Hounds. A friend is arranging a conference-related dinner on Saturday, November 5 in San Francisco for about 15 presenters and committee members. Budget is currently $50 or under per person PLUS wine and tip. A private room would be grand but as long as it is quiet enough to hear each other, anything could work. Most places contacted thus far are either too expensive (you have to rent the room too) or the restaurants have received poor reviews lately. All suggestions gratefully considered!

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  1. sorry you're not getting any responses.... i know there was a thread going around recently for group-friendly places, but i can't find it. the only thing i would offer is The Sausage Factory - reliable, old school Italian in a cool old bordello-looking restaurant in the Castro. Local color of the area might be fun for them, or maybe not. They have a large back room with its own bar, and while it's not completely private, there is no charge for the room. i had my 50th there with 14 people at a long table, and there were 3-4 tables seated near us. We were much louder than they were. of course, your group won't be quite as boisterous, i presume....The food's not, you know, AMAZING, but it's decent, with quite good pizza, and very reasonable.
    if you click on catering you'll get a link to the menu, with a listing of all the categories on the left. It's really quite a charming place, and while it's certainly not haute cuisine, nor a destination, I'd definitely go back, group or no. Giovanni is the guy to talk to, and he's very helpful. good luck to your friend!

    Sausage Factory
    517 Castro St, San Francisco, CA 94114

    1. Hakka Restaurant is way out there, but you could get a very nice meal for $50pp. As I recall there is a quiet room upstairs. If you have the meal during the weekday, the main room is quiet enough.

      R&G in Chinatown is another possibility.

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        I will second Hakka. On weekdays the upstairs is petty empty and you can get a take on Chinese that is not that common in Canada.

      2. Try Bocce Cafe in North Beach. The food is only "okay" but it can hold that number easily and the price should be right. It's a go-to place for large groups, not expensive and late reservations. I've eaten there like 4-5 times related to different jobs. Might also look at Lulu, although it gets noisy and presentations would be difficult but you might get the bar or Petite Lulu space?

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          Hey guys, thanks for the responses. I'm realizing I should have made it more clear -- my friend is in the Bay Area, not Vancouver, just not a Chowhound per se. I offered to post to see what y'all could come up with. The dinner does have to be on a Saturday, alack, so can't take advantage of the weekday offerings. No presentations necessary, just a quiet enough atmosphere that conversation is possible without yelling. Is $50 too low (that's excluding wine and tip)? I feel like SF does well in this category from dining there over the last few years on trips, but that is usually in twos or smaller groups...

        2. Pier 23 on the Embarcadero might fill the bill. Food is serviceable, beer/wine selection is decent. You can sit outside, even in November (heat lamps). The views over the bay are excellent. Give 'em a call. You should meet your price point.

          Pier 23 Cafe
          The Embarcadero and Union St, San Francisco, CA 94111

          1. They could eat for half that and have a lovely Moroccan dinner at Tajine, and meet the chef. And then send them up the block to Bob's for donuts. They could even take the cable car there. Delicious food, especially the bastilla. Exotic sounding but chicken kabobs and rice for the unadventurous.

            Not sure if Tajine has a liquor license or it's okay to bring in--ask them directly.