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Sep 22, 2011 07:58 PM

Best lunch between sea-tac and port angeles?

hey PNW hounds,

getting up again in a few hours to hop on a seven hour flight to your coast. My plans were just changed, so instead of having some time in Seattle proper to grab lunch then head to Olympic, we don't. So I'm looking for a great lunch spot on the road. We'll have been up since 5 or so NY time, so we're probably looking for someplace closer to Tacoma than Port Angeles, but am happy to take all suggestions. would like to keep it under 20 bucks per person.

participant 1 is a pescatarian that is mostly vegetarian but also eats fish with scales sometimes.
participant 2 is an omnivore that enjoys shrimp, crap and lobster, but not so much the fish with scales and doesn't really eat indian or ethiopian food.

unless its amazing, we've got plenty of italian, greek, middle eastern, and latin american food here. someplace uniquely washington state would be great, but i'll also settle for a tasty inexpensive meal on the road.


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  1. This is apparently too late to be of use to you, voodootrane, but I thought I'd post it anyway to benefit any others who might access this thread in the future. Port Gamble is roughly mid-way between Sea-Tac and Port Angeles. It is one of the few remaining examples of a 19th century “company mill town,” built by the founders of the Pope & Talbot lumber company to house the employees of its sawmill in Port Gamble. The town site, which was modeled after Pope’s and Talbot’s hometown of East Machias, Maine, has been preserved with signs describing the history of the various houses and buildings. It’s a very charming stop-off, located only 1½ miles (3 minutes) north of the Hood Canal Bridge, which one will take to get to the Olympic Peninsula on his or her way to Port Angeles. In Port Gamble, the historic Port Gamble General Store has a restaurant in the back that serves some very good stuff for breakfast and lunch, as well as dinners on Friday and Saturday nights. A couple of my favorites are their chicken salad (with grapes, almonds, scallions, currants, celery, and herbs with a curry-mango-chutney dressing) served either in a sandwich or as a salad, and their meatloaf sandwich, which is made with Painted Hills beef and is served on sourdough bread with Provolone cheese, grilled onions, roasted red peppers, and red chili mayonnaise. There are lots of other good things on the menu, including a tasty clam chowder, Whether you drive around through Tacoma or take a ferry, the route to Port Angeles is pretty much of a culinary wasteland with a few exceptions, like The Port Gamble General Store, the excellent Vietnamese restaurant in Poulsbo, Pho T&N, and Mike's Four-Star BBQ, also in Port Gamble.

    Port Gamble General Store & Cafe
    32400 Rainier Ave NE, Port Gamble, WA 98364