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Momofuku Milk Bar - Upper West Side

Momofuku Milk Bar at 87th and Columbus will open on Saturday, Sept. 24, at 8:00 am. The UWS branch will offer a new pork bun styled as a traditional bao with braised pork shoulder.


Momofuku Milk Bar
561 Columbus Ave, New York, NY 10024

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    1. YAY!!! :) :) :)

      I swear, UWS has improved so much food-wise just in past couple of years - and it keeps getting better!

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        Michael White might open a restaurant in the neighborhood as well.

        1. re: H Manning

          You know, I wasn't crazy about Alto, but I'd give it a shot if he opened a place in UWS.

      2. I think they already serve this bun in Brooklyn--anybody tried it?

        1. Wow I had no idea Milk Bar was expanding to UWS. This is great news!

            1. the new Milk Bar is open and, in typical Momofuku fashion, the space is sparse on decor, but filled with choice snacks. there's an espresso machine behind the counter and the usual two-flavor soft serve; i believe Strawberry Milk and Cereal Milk currently.

              to uwsister's point, i also noticed Machiavelli on the way back - a new Italian place that opened on Sept. 13th. not much about it online.

              also noticed Cafe Tallulah last night. this sounds interesting!

              Momofuku Milk Bar
              561 Columbus Ave, New York, NY 10024

              519 Columbus Ave, New York, NY 10024

              Cafe Tallulah
              240 Columbus Ave, New York, NY 10023

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                I was thinking about stopping by this AM, but was concerned that the lines would be way too long. What kind of buns do they have?

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                  they have a pork bun topped with an optional egg, although, it's not like the noodle bar version. the croissants are pastrami & rye, cinnamon raisin, and pistachio & almond.

                  i arrived just before 8am, the schedule opening time, and there was a short line inside - maybe 6-8 people. it moved slowly, only because there was only one girl working the counter. C. Tosi was in back putting together the buns, but all of the cookies/cakes/croissants were being packaged by the cash girl. thankfully no one wanted espresso.

                  thought i may have seen THESU there. was that you, thesu?

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                    Here's a photo. It's a more traditional stuffed bao. I think it's the same one as the Brooklyn store.


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                      Ok. Dropped by today and had the porn bun. Haven't been to the Brooklyn location so can't say if it's the same. As Kathryn said, it's more like a traditional bao except it's split on top. Instead of cucumbers and scallions, the buns were topped with fresh pea shoots. The pork was like a braised pork shoulder that looked and tasted like it spent some time in the food processor as texture was paste-like. I ordered it without the egg because I felt that the egg occluded the taste of the pork in the versions I've had in the past. The spicing of this pork is a lot more assertive -- in fact, a bit too assertive without the egg. So IMO I think this bun is better ordered with the egg. Overall, I prefer the pork belly ones but when there's no other pork bun in sight on the UWS, this version will do.

                      Lines weren't bad (at an off hour) but it went a bit slowly because some of the people had a few questions. I'm hoping they would add more savory items to the menu in time.

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                        i really hope you don't manage to fix your typo. it's suitable.

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                          Oh, how funny! The "n" and "k" keys aren't even next to each other! But I've been told my mind is sometimes in the gutter.

                          fm1963, I hope you got there earlier today.

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                            Freudian slip? I love it. Brilliant mind in gutter.

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                              I finally tried the bao style pork bun with egg. I liked it a lot though I think I prefer the Ssam Bar versions.

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                            By the time I got there at 6:30 pm, there was no line at all but sadly they were out of pork buns. I'll try again tomorrow.

                      2. all this talk about pork buns, yet no mention of the vegetarian option - shiitake with sauteed onion and miso, garnished with radish leaf and carrot, if i'm not mistaken. i was disappointed to learn that they had sold out of pork buns when i arrived for a quick dinner at 7:00. sensing my dismay, the server suggested i try the shiitake bun. well, no duh! bring 'em on...and she did...and they were good.

                        1. Went to Milk Bar for the first time last week on our trip to NYC and found it to be extremely overrated. Desserts way too sweet and one-dimensional. I find it hard to understand why so much hype.

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                            I agree with you on the sweets--overpoweringly sweet (and often overpoweringly salty and rich too). But their savory things are fantastic. I like the veggie bun, the pastrami and rye croissant, and the thanksgiving croissant (with moist turkey and cranberry sauce in a stuffing flavored croissant). Their cold brewed iced coffee was great, but seems to be off the menu now. Agree with Miss Needle--it's on the slow side, largely because the folks working there are friendly and chat away with folks who have multiple questions.

                            1. re: rose water

                              Those sound good. I just know I always hear raves about Compost Cookies and Crack Pie, and I thought they were totally boring. And the cereal milk soft serve was more interesting as an idea than a reality.

                              1. re: Josh

                                josh, you were sadly misguided. the compost cookie is boring. i'd eat one a day, but there's nothing terribly exciting about it. i do like crack pie - more than like - but i can see that it's not for everyone.

                                i'm hooked on the Apple Pie Cake Truffles, corn cookies, and double chocolate cookies. the chocolate malt shake over summer...well, sorry you missed that!

                                yeah, my name is all over this thread. i'm a fan of Milk Bar. i nearly wet myself last week in a conversation with Christina Tosi. that said, don't give up on them. Milk Bar is well more than what made them famous.

                            2. re: Josh

                              As someone who generally doesn't like overly sweet desserts, I find Milk Bar to be as sweet as it should be, not sure why it doesn't bother me - maybe because their sweets are well-crafted and use great ingredients. I don't find them one-dimensional at all. What did you have?
                              One dimensional to me is something like the Little Cupcake Bakeshop or Crumbs, where little to no thought goes into creating a flavor that stands out from the background sweetness.