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Sep 22, 2011 07:51 PM

Thanksgiving Dinner somewhere between KOP and Pottstown

I know I'm about 2 months early :) However, we plan to visit our daughter and son-in-law for Thanksgiving and suggested to them that we all go out to eat on that day.

Our daughter works in KOP and will be asking co-workers for suggestions. I thought I'd ask here, too.

This is what we're looking for in terms of a restaurant --- It doesn't matter if it is a buffet or if it is served at the table. In addition to 4 adults, we will have 3 kids ages 3, 5 and 5. So it would have to be a place that is kid/family friendly. For dress code, casual or business casual is preferred. Cost isn't a huge issue --- we realize that for a truly good meal, one can expect to pay more.

We have no problems making reservations so if any recommended places require reservations, please pass along that info in addition as to how far in advance to make reservations.

I appreciate all recommendations! Thank you!

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  1. I had thanksgiving dinner at Dolce in King of Prussia (down the street from the mall) and I was satisfied with the meal. I can't remember the whole menu, but I do know that there were alot of different options than the normal turkey/stuffing/etc you would expect. I remembered them having an excellent duck dish along with risotto of some sorts, and a expansive dessert area. They also were excellent with children, having their own little buffet area that was at their eye level with chicken fingers and other kid favorites.

    I reserved maybe 2 weeks ahead of time, and had no issues with reservations.

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      Dolce is a hotel right? Opposite the shopping center with the Acme and the Baja Fresh.

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          Yes it is a hotel. It was in one of their restaurants inside the hotel. Very nice inside. Located across from the Acme.

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        I think the Radnor Hotel in Wayne still does a Thanksgiving's been a few years since I went there...but the food/service was very good. William Penn Inn is another option...but not really in the area you wanted.

      2. The Kimberton Inn has been a favorite over the years. That small town, old inn feel with open beam ceilings and fireplaces in many of the rooms, good service and a nice selection of dinner Items including the traditional(as good as mom's) turkey and dressing. Reservations are required and it sells out very early. You will feel fine in a jacket and tie or nice casual. Zagat rates them 25 all around. Take a look at their web site.

        1. Thank you, everyone! This is all very helpful :)!