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Sep 22, 2011 07:03 PM

Grand Rapids Brunch for Sunday

Anybody have a last minute suggestion for brunch for a large group in downtown Grand Rapids for this Sunday?

It's ArtPrize and parking is supposed to be hard to come by, so we're looking for walking distance of the Amway Grand.

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  1. Hi Rosedale, hopefully you will get a more definitive answer, but to get you started, there is a good discussion here:
    Of the places mentioned, I think only three are within walking distance to the Amway Grand - San Chez, Sundance Grill, and SixOneSix. Reviews are mixed on all three, though. Maybe someone has a recent experience to help narrow it down?
    If driving wasn't an issue, I would suggest Electric Cheetah (open on Sundays and a nice menu).