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Sep 22, 2011 06:36 PM

See's Chocolate in NYC?

I know it's a western thing but are there any places selling See's Chocolate in NYC? I'm visiting your city next month and if they're available I want to buy some. I love them and they aren't available in Canada.

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  1. According to the website, there are no outlets in NYC. You can order online though.

    1. Unfortunately they are not available in NYC - I bring some back for a friend here every time I travel to L.A.

      1. I miss See's so much. I've even bought it from the airport in LA or SF, even thought they charge so much more there... And there's no little white cottage.

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        1. re: hungrycomposer

          The rare times I fly out of LAX, I'll make a point to stop by See's flagship on the way - more varieties, samples, etc.

          Sorry OP - but there's always mail order!

        2. The one and only time I ever saw in NYC was at Williams Sonoma during the holidays and only lollipops were available. Just order online.

          1. I covet their peanut brittle.

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            1. re: mahler5

              Me too! Best peanut brittle ever. I absolutely adore them - it's so hard to actually bring back any 'cause I'll finish a whole box in the course of the flight.