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Hey Meatball on College - Sandwich sizes

I went there yesterday, amazing HUGE sandwich on a crusty italian baguette, meatballs are on point, nice salt from the cheese and the sauce is really sweet, I had to go back today cause it was so good but I was served a tiny sandwich, half the size on a brioche dinner roll for the same price! Be warned that the value of this tiny sandwich is not worth $11. If you go in, ask what kind of bread it's on first. Meatball sandwiches are supposed to be big and messy in my opinion, I really hope they have the big italian baguette's back at some point, Anyone else been yet?

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  1. So there is only one option in terms of sandwiches on the menu at this point? Is that $11 plus tax? I had one of their $4 small sandwiches (one meatball) at the Beer Fest. It tasted good but I wouldn't spend that kind of money on a sandwich in general. Also, their place from the outside didn't look too great when I walked by during early September. Have they fixed it up inside? What kind of decor? Looked kind of run down when I walked by but maybe that was part of the construction/etc.

    1. I just went to Hey Meatball for dinner and wasn't too impressed. First off, after ordering and paying for our food we waited over 20 minutes before they were ready. Given that this is supposed to be a "fast" food type joint, 20+ minutes was just way too long for a place that's only serving up 3 dishes at the moment (beef meatballs with penne, a meatball sandwich and veggie balls).

      However - given that they haven't been open long, I was prepared to forgive since I could tell they're still working out some kinks. All could be forgiven if the food was great. I started off with the sandwich, which like Bobby Wham mentioned, was TINY! Taste-wise, it was pretty good! The brioche bun was actually quite nice and held up surprisingly well. It was just way overpriced.

      As for the meatballs on the penne. This was a little disappointing. The meatballs on their own were just okay, nothing special. The pasta wasn't very good and I found the sauce to be a bit bland.

      Overall, just an okay experience. Given the wait (which was understandable since they're new), the price of the sandwich and the disappointing pasta dish, I don't know if I'd go back anytime soon.

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        Eleven bucks for a meatball sandwich that doesn't fill you up? Pass!

      2. I was there Tuesday for lunch and ordered the sandwich, with the penne being the only other item. Both items came with the Kitchen Sink Salad included.

        It was a great toasty bagette hunk with three very large meatballs, meat ragu and a shredded parmesian/perocini mixture to finish it. The meatballs were tasty juicy and had perfect chunky texture almost like there were sausage chunks within. It was a great sandwich. Each meatball was maybe the size of a lime. The salad came in an 8oz soup container and included about 8 or 10 veggies with greens. The veggies were great but the dressing was blah!

        My sandwich which included salad and tax was $11.00 - Very filling!

        1. Wow. What a range of experiences.

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              Ya that big baguette is what I got the first time and the next day I got a meatball slider on a dinner roll, same price, I asked the dude why the sandwich was half the size for the same price, he said "were trying different bread" I dont see why they had to change when the original sandwich was what it should be, man I really don't like when you expect one thing and you get something completely different, like are they trying to cut sizes already???

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                It sure sounds like it. I have no experience in the restaurant business, but you'd think things like your bread, portion sizes, etc. would be worked out before opening.

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                  Very awkward situation but personally I would have handed it back for a refund if the value wasn't there. It is one thing to switch breads and a whole other issue to cut the portion in half! This guy is a resto pro who knows better. I loved my sandwich so I will go back, but when I do I take this posting as a warning to ask first about what I am to receive!!

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                    sounds like the guy who was helping you was confused. i'm sure he charged you full sandwich price for a slider.

                2. Anyone notice if they were licensed? We were thinking about swinging by before a party tomorrow night. Doesn't look like the type of place that would have a license. But the guy serving at Pride said they were planning to serve wine and beer.

                  1. It seems like this is a soft open, and they will have a variety of sizes soon?


                    1. Can't vouch for the sizes on the sandwhiches, but had an awesome meal here on Saturday night. Partner had the eggplant meatballs on polenta, no actual meat but delish. I had the rigitoni with pork meatballs which was stellar. The portion size on first view seemed small but man it was hearty. I'm a big eater and it was hard to finish. The sauce is delish but super heavy in all the best ways. At $11 it's a steal. Can't wait to try more of this, they will have a license as of next Saturday. They are expecting to serve beer and a red and white house wine.

                      1. I had a very, very good meal from there. Did take out. The restaurant has, I think, only really "soft opened" so far. The meatball sandwich I had was big and absolutely freaking delicious: value for money is something different to all people, but honestly: 11$ for what I had was completely reasonable. Was on ciabatta, came with a small salad, entirely filling but mostly just delicious obviously, ingredients-wise, made with quality stuff. I think the place will change slightly over the next little while - there is a soft-serve machine they are going to get up and running, for instance - but I get the sense that it is always going to be sort of casual. Counter service, open kitchen where you can see absolutely everything, that sort of thing. I tried the other two dishes as well - a rigatoni with meatballs on tomato sauce, and the veggie meatballs on polenta - and they were both good, too. I liked it a lot.

                        1. Just had their Godfather and a friend had their Eggplant and Ricotta. Both excellent. We also had their natural ginger ale soda. Very much like a ginger beer. Excellent lunch meal.

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                              The sandwiches are $11.00. They are very large and come with an excellent salad. I was there yesterday and last week; both times we found the sauce to be WAY too sweet to enjoy. I could almost taste the sugar. The meatballs themselves are excellent.

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                                Interesting... too bad it is so sweet, I don't like sweet sauce... I thought it would be spicy because I overheard a kid saying "the meatballs are too SPICY"... a few times over... and his mom was like "there is no such thing as too spicy"... and then I think she realized what she was saying and said "ok, maybe it can be too spicy for you"..

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                                  LOL Well the meatballs are super tasty and perhaps they are spicy to a child. It is the sauce that is sugar sweet - it is actually sweeter than a Pizza Pizza slice.

                                2. re: justsayn

                                  Agree that the meatballs were delicious, which I ordered with fresh rigatoni rather than in a sandwich, but the sauce overly sweet. By the end, I couldn't even finish all the sauce as it was overwhelmingly sugary sweet with a touch too much salt. I actually preferred the duck duck chicken, particularly the rich duck gravy atop the silk smooth mashed potatoes.

                              2. re: mglenn

                                Do they make the natural ginger soda there, from ginger syrup and carbonated water? Or is it a bottled natural ginger ale?

                                1. re: prima

                                  They make it there - not sure of ingredients.

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                                      prima, in case you missed it I talked in more detail about the ginger ale in my post on November 3rd

                                      1. re: ylsf

                                        Ya, I missed it. Thanks, ylsf.

                              3. I was in the area on the weekend and although I had eaten dinner already I decided to stop by to try the ginger ale. $3 for a glass. It was pretty tasty. They make it by using a ginger base that is stored in Mason Jars (not really sure what it is store in, some kind of syrup as it was near the end of the jar when she put it in my glass). They then add "Q" sparkling water (sparking water from a tap). It was pretty tasty and had a nice ginger kick.

                                I looked around and didn't see anyone with a small size sandwich. All seemed to have the baquette style sandwiches. As another poster above mentioned I think the person working there may have been confused and sold the slider version for full price, or, they ran out of baquette and were trying to profit still from the situation or something. Seems to be sorted out now though and I will give it a try next time I am in the area.

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                                    Yeah I keep seeing in him in interviews talking about the influence of "kofta houses in Turkey." As opposed to, say, The Meatball Shop in NY which has the EXACT SAME CONCEPT as Hey Meatball and has been around for a couple of years already.

                                    At least Nick at Porchetta didn't go around pretending there wasn't a shop with the exact same concept in NY. I'm all for taking NY's best stuff and executing it well here - as Porchetta on Dundas most certainly does - but the misleading approach as to influence kinda fries my onions. Open a Turkish kofta house already, if that's where you're coming from.

                                    Of course, I still need to actually try Hey Meatball, and I may love it yet. Just stop with the kofta house story already.

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                                        Do they at least copy the Meatball Shop's ice cream sandwiches? Those are tasty.

                                  2. For half the price I will take the meatball sandwich at Big Slice at Young just south of College anyday. the decor may not be much, but the food is mighty tasty!

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                                      I hear ya on the price but I have to say Hey meatball really does have a great texture and its juicy. No mush, no breadcrumbs. As well, the bread is great and its a big sandwiich. I don't know why the sauce became so sweet.

                                      1. re: justsayn

                                        Amy Pataki slammed it in the Star today. She claimed ketchup would be an improvement to the sauce and the meatball texture was bad - with chunks of bread in it. She was quite disappointed.

                                        1. re: millygirl


                                          Ouch. At least she confirms the sweetness of the sauce, though. :)

                                          1. re: TorontoJo

                                            Sad part is that the sauce was really very good when he first opened. i have yet to have a dry chewy meatball, nor have they been bready. I wonder if he has begun skimping on the meatballs now too....

                                            1. re: TorontoJo

                                              You rarely see a restaurant slammed quite that badly in a major paper these days. I think the meatballs themselves are fine - the sauce is waaaaay too sweet though. Was it more on the savoury side initially? I wonder why it became so saccharine

                                              1. re: themiguel

                                                Yes. It was a delicious chunky fresh tasting sauce. Well balanced although simple without much in the way of herbs.

                                      2. we were there on Sunday, loved the meatballs and the sauce, and $11.00 is not overly expensive, a combo at Wendy's is nearly a much

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                                          I don't find Hey Meatball to be over-priced per se, but to your point, doesnt a combo at Wendy's also include a beverage...for less than $11?

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                                            We stopped by for a late bite last Thursday, and split the meatball sandwich and a lemon soda. The sandwich was delicious: messy, juicy meatballs and fresh tasting. Lemon soda was also really good. At $11 though, it was a little steep for the portion. Where I think they're really missing out is the late-night takeout crowd. If I'm starving after a night of drinking, I'd be hard pressed to wait 10 minutes for a sandwich and pay $11. Would I wait two minutes and pay $5 for a little meatball slider? Absolutely.

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                                                I thought they had sliders on the menu?? Also wondering why the sandwiches take so long to prepare. I haven't been there for a sandwich yet but seems like something that could be served quicker.

                                                1. re: ylsf

                                                  Have absolutely no idea why it takes so long to serve, but it actually takes a good 10 - 15 minutes to serve a meatball sandwich at lunch time and its all they sell...go figure that one out!

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                                                    They had sliders on the menu a couple of weekends ago but were sold out of them. I think it's a decent value and with the Rodfather sandwhich you get a kitchen sink salad which is delish.. Wish they'd go back to the old red sauce they had around opening. Don't care much for the current sweeter version too much.

                                                    1. re: abigllama

                                                      Sounds like this place is turning into the new Caplansky's.

                                                      1. re: Bobby Wham

                                                        My guess is the "Rodfather" is spending less time at the shop.

                                              2. Had the Rodfather sandwich today and it was frickin fantastic. Perfect texture, flavour and seasoning. Really enjoyed the small side salad too. Totally worth $11. Now I'm just thinking about when I can go back and have it again!

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                                                1. re: Cup cake

                                                  Amazingly enough this place is still open, seems nothing has changed in a year. Two staff members give the impression they started working there yesterday, still cash only. A decor that Value Village would not claim. Pasta and meatballs is 2 steps up from Chef Boyardee. Overall impression is this place could go at any minute, into oblivion, or to become an acceptable place to eat. The reviews on YELP made it sound like a "happening place", maybe they serve the same "oregano" a certain pizza place did, and I missed that part of the tasting menu. I thought from his many tv appearances that Rodney Bowers could could, maybe he just doesn't have time to get to this place, ever.

                                                  1. re: Danybear

                                                    Their website (on Tumblr) hasn't been updated in a year, so I would say no one has much time there to devote to that place.

                                                    1. re: Pincus

                                                      They actually opened a second location on Roncesvalles last week. I've not been but apparently it has a an expanded menu. Aside from a notification on their facebook page, I can't find much info about it online.


                                                      1. re: abigllama

                                                        Interesting, didn't hear anything about this at all before your post.

                                                        1. re: abigllama

                                                          it hasn't actually opened yet - they were just open a couple days for the Polish festival - still anxiously waiting ; )

                                                          1. re: dannyboy

                                                            Weird... I have had nothing but great experiences at this place... both with the food and service.

                                                            And I'm reasonably hard to please.

                                                            1. re: Non Doctor

                                                              Went to Hey Meatball today for the first time. Outstanding sandwich and sauces. Great, very tasty accompanying salad with winter veg. Lucked out and got a chocolate chip cookie warm. Delicious. Very fair price.

                                                              Friendly, capable staff.

                                                              Will certainly return.

                                                              1. re: magic

                                                                Agree. I've been a couple of times for lunch. Big, great sandwich. Very good meatball. Excellent soda. Good service. No complaints.

                                                                1. re: Non Doctor

                                                                  I have a foodie buddy I trust and he loves the place.

                                                                  I have not yet been.


                                                      2. I was there this week with the family. We tried the Spaghetti & meatballs and the meat ball sandwich. The food was very good. I will be going back. The pasta was cooked perfectly...good chewy consistency and mouth feel. The tomato sauce and meatballs were on point. The only negative was that the salad was subpar and the dressing soaked into my meatball sandwich.