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Sep 22, 2011 04:54 PM

Hey Meatball on College - Sandwich sizes

I went there yesterday, amazing HUGE sandwich on a crusty italian baguette, meatballs are on point, nice salt from the cheese and the sauce is really sweet, I had to go back today cause it was so good but I was served a tiny sandwich, half the size on a brioche dinner roll for the same price! Be warned that the value of this tiny sandwich is not worth $11. If you go in, ask what kind of bread it's on first. Meatball sandwiches are supposed to be big and messy in my opinion, I really hope they have the big italian baguette's back at some point, Anyone else been yet?

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  1. So there is only one option in terms of sandwiches on the menu at this point? Is that $11 plus tax? I had one of their $4 small sandwiches (one meatball) at the Beer Fest. It tasted good but I wouldn't spend that kind of money on a sandwich in general. Also, their place from the outside didn't look too great when I walked by during early September. Have they fixed it up inside? What kind of decor? Looked kind of run down when I walked by but maybe that was part of the construction/etc.

    1. I just went to Hey Meatball for dinner and wasn't too impressed. First off, after ordering and paying for our food we waited over 20 minutes before they were ready. Given that this is supposed to be a "fast" food type joint, 20+ minutes was just way too long for a place that's only serving up 3 dishes at the moment (beef meatballs with penne, a meatball sandwich and veggie balls).

      However - given that they haven't been open long, I was prepared to forgive since I could tell they're still working out some kinks. All could be forgiven if the food was great. I started off with the sandwich, which like Bobby Wham mentioned, was TINY! Taste-wise, it was pretty good! The brioche bun was actually quite nice and held up surprisingly well. It was just way overpriced.

      As for the meatballs on the penne. This was a little disappointing. The meatballs on their own were just okay, nothing special. The pasta wasn't very good and I found the sauce to be a bit bland.

      Overall, just an okay experience. Given the wait (which was understandable since they're new), the price of the sandwich and the disappointing pasta dish, I don't know if I'd go back anytime soon.

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        Eleven bucks for a meatball sandwich that doesn't fill you up? Pass!

      2. I was there Tuesday for lunch and ordered the sandwich, with the penne being the only other item. Both items came with the Kitchen Sink Salad included.

        It was a great toasty bagette hunk with three very large meatballs, meat ragu and a shredded parmesian/perocini mixture to finish it. The meatballs were tasty juicy and had perfect chunky texture almost like there were sausage chunks within. It was a great sandwich. Each meatball was maybe the size of a lime. The salad came in an 8oz soup container and included about 8 or 10 veggies with greens. The veggies were great but the dressing was blah!

        My sandwich which included salad and tax was $11.00 - Very filling!

        1. Wow. What a range of experiences.

            1. re: damonster

              Ya that big baguette is what I got the first time and the next day I got a meatball slider on a dinner roll, same price, I asked the dude why the sandwich was half the size for the same price, he said "were trying different bread" I dont see why they had to change when the original sandwich was what it should be, man I really don't like when you expect one thing and you get something completely different, like are they trying to cut sizes already???

              1. re: Bobby Wham

                It sure sounds like it. I have no experience in the restaurant business, but you'd think things like your bread, portion sizes, etc. would be worked out before opening.

                1. re: Bobby Wham

                  Very awkward situation but personally I would have handed it back for a refund if the value wasn't there. It is one thing to switch breads and a whole other issue to cut the portion in half! This guy is a resto pro who knows better. I loved my sandwich so I will go back, but when I do I take this posting as a warning to ask first about what I am to receive!!

                  1. re: Bobby Wham

                    sounds like the guy who was helping you was confused. i'm sure he charged you full sandwich price for a slider.