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Sep 22, 2011 04:13 PM

Low- and middle-brow recommendations for visitors

I live in Atlanta and depend heavily on Chowhound boards when travelling. But I recently checked out what the board said about my hometown and thought there was too much about The Varsity and then "southern food" recommendations like Carvers and Mary Mac's and Silver Skillet, all of which will hurt your tummy. Oof. If you really want it, save this type of thing for right before you go home, just so you can say you did it - otherwise you might ruin the rest of your time here.

There are a bunch of pretty expensive places recommended (Bacchanalia is amazing, BTW), but if I lived somewhere else and were coming here, this is my short list of the type of low and middle-brow recommendations I would be looking for:

Ciao Bocca (humble Italian, lunch only, a counter in the Sweet Auburn Curb Market)
Desta (Ethiopian)
Duck's Cosmic Kitchen (soup and sandwiches, plus awesome doughnuts!)
Five Seasons, the one in Sandy Springs (great brewery with excellent food)
Hankook Taqueria or Yumbii food truck (unique - Korean/Mexican/Southern)
Tacqueria Del Sol (*not* authentic Mexican - very interesting and delicious)
Tamarind Seed (Thai)
Vortex (Hamburger - Little Five, not Midtown location)
Woo Nam Jeong (Korean)

Any other Atlanta natives like to chime in?

Tamarind Seed
1175 Peachtree, NW, Atlanta, GA 30309

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  1. you miss the whole point of chowhound,really---many of us respond to questions coming from folks who want Southern, or cheap, or great chinese etc.So to say we're givng bad advice isnt true---we are only responding to a specifc question and help someone out, which is the point afterall, isnt it. You can post reviews on Yelp or Urbanspoon about your fav places here in Atanta, but Chow doesnt really have a focus on reviws,just advice.And your list isnt exactly a summary of culinary delights--its more your list of your favs,and thats fine.But to presume you know the tastes of evryone visiting Atl is a bit,presumtuous,isnt it--thats why we answer questions

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    1. re: bobstripower

      With all due respect, I disagree with you.

      I do think there is some level of responding to visitor's specific requests that inevitably comes up, but that doesn't mean chowhound is solely for that. In fact some of the other city's boards that I used to read/participate in previously (Philadelphia, Nyc, San Fran) had a lot of posts geared towards sharing discoveries of places and your top ten lists with the local community, something that I find horribly missing here.

      Understand you disagree with koji's list, but to dismiss them to go to yelp (the black hole of good foodie recommendations unless you're in sf) seems unnecessarily harsh.

      Koji, strangely I've only visited one of the places on you're list: Han kook, which was enjoyable.

      A few other places that I've been enjoying are:
      te wei - Chinese street stand kabobs
      Nam phuong - only vietnamese place I've liked here so far
      Ham heung nam Myn - charming and homey Korean

      931 Monroe Drive Suite 101-A, Atlanta, GA 30308

      1. re: fivefivefive

        While agree that has more utility that just answering visitors questions, I also think that given the title of the original post, "Low- and middle-brow recommendations for visitors", I think bobstripower's post is pretty much on target, if perhaps a tad harsh.