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Sep 22, 2011 04:05 PM

Party at Cafe del Rey?

I'm thinking about doing a party for about 100 people at Cafe del Rey. We would take over the whole restaurant. They would put a dance floor in the bar area and the DJ would set up there. Has anyone been to/hosted a party like that there? If so, did the set up of the restaurant work for that type of party? How was the food? Any dishes in particular that they do well for a large group? Anything else I should consider about this plan? Thank you!

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  1. We had our company holiday party there at least twice, maybe three times. We probably had over 200 people attend. I think it's a great venue for a party like this and the food was great. The dance floor in the bar area worked out well, and they even set up a tent in the front for sushi. And the back area was nice since it was a bit more quiet, so the layout really lends itself to a nice event.

    1. Hello. Did you ever plan the party there? How did it turn out? My company with approximately the same number of people are thinking of going there. Thanks!

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        A couple of years ago we had an event there with not as many people, maybe hundred and fifty, and it worked really well. Back/side area was good, dance floor worked, the event staff was great with the planning and advice. The menu may have changed somewhat since then, but the food was good too. We were very pleased.

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          We did have our party there and it was wonderful. The food was delicious and the setting was beautiful. Over a year of planning they changed catering managers three times which caused some confusion in the planning stages but the actual party couldn't have been better. Highly recommended.