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Sep 22, 2011 03:39 PM

Tahoe/Incline reccos

I'm visiting the Lake Tahoe area for the first time in a few weeks, for a conference at the Hyatt Lake Tahoe, which I gather is in Incline Village. I don't know a thing about the area, but I'd love some reccos for two meals. First is a dinner with old college pals (none of whom is from the area, either). I suppose we'd like to eat someplace that we can chat, have good wine or craft cocktails, and a great meal, perhaps locally sourced or at least giving a nod to that idea. I've done a little research, and it looks like Moody's would fit us perfectly - but it is a little bit of a drive from Incline, yes? Not sure I can persuade the others on that.

Second dinner is just me after the others leave. What is local, not-to-be-missed, that I can't get in Boston (most things, I'm sure, I just mean no clambakes!)?


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  1. this is a very nice restaurant that anyone would enjoy, great food, good wine list no hard liquor and favoulus view of Lake Tahoe!

    Christy Hill Restaurant
    115 Grove, Tahoe City, CA 96145

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    1. had some great fish tacos at the Fresh Ketch in South Lake Tahoe...just beware of bees if you sit outside

      Fresh Ketch Restaurant
      2433 Venice Dr E, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150

      1. Moody's IS fantastic, but it is a bit of a drive - 45 minutes, some of which is windy along the lake shore. Plus, if you're planning on cocktails and/or wine, I wouldn't risk it. A really fun spot right in Incline is Bite - small plates so you can try a variety of foods and has a fun bar with live music. A little closer to Incline than Moody's is Northstar Resort - their restaurant Manzanita is run by Traci Des Jardin, of San Francisco fame. I've not eaten there, but the menu looks fantastic and they do appear to have some locally sourced items. Don't bother with the Hyatt's restaurant, Lone Eagle. If you are there in daylight hours and want to have a drink there, great - right on the water, wonderful views. But the food is expensive and overrated.

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          Thanks, this is just the kind of info I'm looking for!

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            I have always heard that Lone Eagle Grille was expensive and overrated, so I’ve avoided it. On New Years Day a couple of years past, my wife and I tried it because nothing else was open. The place was packed, especially the lounge, which featured a roving, singing guitar player, who was very good. We had no reservation, but a table for two was open and we were seated immediately. The sommelier was just starting to carry foreign wines and I ordered a delicious French Cab Franc that was very reasonably priced. I had short ribs that came on top of truffle oil infused mashed potatoes. The truffle flavor leached up into the short rib creating a wonderful combination, especially with the wine. It was a fairly inexpensive, excellent meal that I still remember. I guess I hit a jackpot that day.

        2. We've enjoyed going to Sunnyside just South of Tahoe City. They have outdoor seating on the lake and the way the weather has been, it shouldn't be too cold.

          1850 West Lake Blvd, Tahoe City, CA 96145

          1. Another spot in Incline is Big Water Grill that has craft cocktails, a great view, and good food. Manzanita is wonderful but their prices are really high. A little closer, in Tahoe Vista, is Wild Goose, right on the water, also serving craft cocktails and very good Contemporary cuisine. Boston has more cutting edge restaurants than a small area like Tahoe so it's tough to find unique cuisine. I was in Boston this summer and had a great meal at Coppa. Moody's had been a similar style, with great use of various pig parts, but Chef Mark Estes is more involved with a new venture in Reno and the menu seems to have been dumbed down a bit.



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              Thanks, these sound great.

              Funny you should say Boston has cutting-edge restaurants. I think there are great places here, but there are plenty of folk who think we are a tad provincial. I wish we had more time in Tahoe to explore further!