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Sep 22, 2011 01:28 PM

Gift Certificate

I was recently asked if there is any place that I am dying to try as a wedding gift for me and my (now) husband. I always blank when the pressure is on. I was thinking Bondir, Salts, TW Food. I have been to Craigie and loved that too. I also have no idea how much this person wants to spend and don't want to suggest someplace that is outlandish. Any other suggestions? I am not a big meat eater, but adventurous besides that. Anywhere in Boston, Cambridge, Somerville area preferably.

279 Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02139

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  1. I think any of your choices are fine. As for "outlandish", this is your wedding gift, so I should think it will be quite generous. And if doesn't cover the entire bill, it will cost you far less than if you were paying the whole thing! Many years ago, we rec'd a gift certificate to No. 9 Park. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and the food. And, as we took our son, we ended up paying some on top of the certificate. It was worth it! And, it was a place we would never think to go to on our own, as it is out of our price range. So, I say, go for it, and ask for any place!

    1. My suggestion is: take a cue from your wedding registry (if you used one) and give the person a list of maybe three restaurants. Try to have a range of prices, but try to avoid the extremely expensive and inexpensive ends. Then the gift-giver can pick the restaurant and the amount.

      Don't worry too much about whether a place is outlandishly expensive. If your three places cover a range of prices, then you are giving the gift-giver options. And even if all three restaurants are pricier than the gift-giver anticipated, the gift-giver can still give you a certificate for whatever amount is comfortable.