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Sep 22, 2011 01:21 PM

Driving from RI to OR, regional food recommendations?

I'm driving cross country from RI to OR next week and interested in some food/driving recommendations. I don't have my route nailed down exactly so I'm open to all suggestions. I'm an amateur bread baker really interested in traditional and old world style baking techniques. I'm also really interested in places that showcase a region's specialties. Road trips for me are all about seeing the country on a close local level so I'm also interested in routes that give me a sense of the local culture. I'd really appreciate any of your tips on special bakeries, areas with an ethnic or interesting food focus, dishes synonymous with a particular area or just unique spots. Thanks everyone!

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  1. If done the route from Chicago several ways. I'd head north to Madison out of Chicago. Great food town. Going west to Iowa I can lead you to a couple of Amish bakeries and a Lefse place.

    There should be some corn harvesting starting next week and it's very interesting to watch that for a bit.

    I90 would take you through South Dakota and Upper Wyoming. If you like beef Sioux Falls has my favorite meat market,

    I'm not sure of the means of travel; or your budget, but there are some ranch stay places that are fun.