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Sep 22, 2011 01:02 PM

Suzy-Jo's Donuts

Has anyone ever had donuts from Suzy-Jo's Donuts in Bridgeport and/or Blue Bell? I have been told that they are not to be missed by someone who's opinion I don't trust because we usually don't agree on any food items. Any other opinions out there?

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  1. I've had them from the Bridgeport location, they're very good, much better than Dunkin' or wherever but they're not in the same league as Frangelli's in South Philly or the Donut Plant in NYC. If you are a big fan of donuts it's definitely worth checking them out though.

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      Thanks for your reply.

      In my humble opinion, Dunkin' Donuts is not hard to beat. I could draw a donut on a piece of paper and eat the paper and it would be about what you get at Dunkin' Donuts. South Philly is waaaaay to far to go for a donut or 2, as is NYC. I will definitely try Suzy-Jo's. Thanks again.

      Dunkin' Donuts
      34 US Highway 130 N, Burlington, NJ 08016

    2. Living in Bridgeport for the last 2+ years, I can say I've been a little disappointed with Suzy Jo. I think they are good donuts, a step above DD (which while mass-produced, I don't think they are bad as most people seem to think), but they definitely did not live up to the hype that most people seem to give it credit for. I'd rather steer you to the LeBus outlet/bakery store in KOP (about a 5 minute drive from Suzy Jo's Bport location) for a chocolate croissant or some other delicacy. But if you must have a donut, try Suzy Jo, I'd just say temper your expectations when you go...

      1. Heading to bluebell tomorrow. Where exactly is Suzy-Jo's? I finally stopped at the Roma bakery in bluebell and was delighted. Cheerful people waited on me, a tv going in Italian, tiny little fruit pies. But now I want donuts!

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          Intersection of 202 and Township Line Road. Across the street from Kohls, in the same general area as where El Sarape is.

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            In the small shopping center on the SE corner of 202 and 73, across the parking lot at an angle from the Rita's.

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              oh thanks cwdonald and ritter. I'm so going tomorrow!

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                According to the internet, Suzy-Jo's is not where the above posts mentioned, unless the site I saw is wrong. The Blue Bell location is listed as 1380 Skippack Pike, which is just below Dekalb Pike on Skippack Pike.

                Their phone number is listed as 610-270-2800, so you might want to call before going to make sure.

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                  Oops. . . . . . .Obviously I don't know the area very well. I think we are talking about the same place. Sorry for confusing the issue.

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                    It's in the same shopping center as El Serape, but it's behind the building.

          2. Been here many, many times and they do a nice job. I have a new favorite for doughnuts and that's Distelfink Bakery on Valley Forge Road in Lansdale. Their cream filled are to die for. I haven't gone back to Suzy Jo's since trying Distelfink this summer.

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              We so miss Distelfink's. We lived in Lansdale for 25 years, and that was the go-to place.

            2. I would recommend the apple cider doughnuts at Merrymead farms or at Linvilla orchards. If you get them still warm they are delicious.