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Sep 22, 2011 11:56 AM

Liners for Favor Boxes

We're baking cookies to present as our favors to our guests at my wedding. The favor boxes are beautiful, and we're concerned the butter/grease from the cookies will seep through the white cardboard boxes, thus ruining the beautiful boxes. Any suggestions on what to place inside the favor boxes that will hold down the butter leak into the boxes? We tried waxed paper, but the butter/grease still went through the paper. Help please!

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    1. I find the thin, dry wax deli wrap is perfect for lining baked gifts. I think they're something like 5 or 6 dollars for 500 sheets at places like Smart and Final. The box lasts forever, but they're very handy to have on hand, and if your cookies are extra buttery, maybe double up on them?

      1. Maybe a cello bag or a flat glassine bakery bag, like pretzels come in