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Sep 22, 2011 10:15 AM

Hamersley's want menu recommendations

We're going on Sunday night. Anyone been there fairly recently? Help me choose what to order. Think I will finally get the roast chicken for the entree. Thanks.

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  1. My husband loves the halibut /clam roast that is usually on the menu in some form. And, they serve one of the best duck confit appetizers anywhere. We've also shared some wonderful pork dishes when they are on the menu.


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            however, i have also had some amazing off-menu nightly specials. gordon has such a hard-core base of devoted regulars that expects to find certain dishes on the menu and howl with loss if he changes them off. a few summers back i had a lobster/chorizo/sweetbreads dish that i still dream about.

      1. i would recommend the cassoulet if it is offered.

        1. I had the roast chicken a little while back and was surprised when it arrived at the table as I had expected some type of potato or veg garnish but it was chicken and sauce alone. The waiter had to "hussle" the kitchen for a side of potatoes for me. I was a bit put off but all told it was a delicious meal. (In my defense I had had the famous chicken many years ago in the original Hamersley's Bistro and it came with garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus). So consider ordering a side dish or two if you get the chicken. I usually get the cassoulet but it isn't always offered.

          Hamersley's Bistro
          553 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02116

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            That must have been one of their very infrequent errors. The chicken at Hamersley comes with roasted garlic, onions, potato and a luscious gravy. My husband and I sop up very spec of it with the wonderful focaccia.


            That link will take you to a detailed report and photo from my Serious East colleague Liz Bomze who covers Boston's signature dishes.


          2. I recently went to Hamersley's - my first time. The chicken does have a reputation and how good could it be? As other people have said, there's chicken and then there's chicken. Maybe the chicken at your local diner would give Hamersley's chicken a run for its money. My opinion: Hamersley's chicken is one of the better roasted chicken dishes I've had. I think one thing is that it has this reputation and so the kitchen definitely delivers on that. It probably IS as good as the same dish you ordered on that menu ten years ago. It's tender, it's moist, without being mush. It doesn't have a crispy skin - instead it has a layer of something crispy coating the very top of the chicken piece - bread? Dunno, but it's got a delicious flavor and lovely texture. I think I'd call it somewhat buttery. With some herbs helping that flavor.

            If I got that same chicken tomorrow night if I dined there again, I'd think, 'Wow, I'm going to be coming here a lot for this particular dish...' just because it takes a lot of control to make a dish come out flavorful and tender every single time. So far, that is what I have heard about the chicken at Hamersley, so it's all good.