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Sep 22, 2011 09:26 AM

Can you recommend an affordable wedding reception venue with great food?

My fiancée and I are looking for venues for our wedding reception, and would really appreciate the advice and recommendations of everyone on this forum.

We are modest people who aren't as much concerned with spectacle as our guests having an amazing experience, especially concerning food. We both love well-made food, but not to the point of food elitism.

We are planning on around 80 guests and will need a large dance floor as my culture does folk dancing in a large circle. As I am in the entertainment industry, we will likely have a band and a DJ performing.

Here are our criteria:
Guests = around 80.
Cost = $100 per plate
Open bar.
In Toronto with convenient access to highways/transit and nearby accommodations (for out-of-town guests). Parking should be convenient, as well.
Delicious food.

We are open to outside catering brought into a venue, as well.

As I've worked many banquet hall/hotel events, I have had enough of dry meat doused in a bland sauce served with tasteless vegetables. We want something our guests will remember as being delicious.

We would like a venue that could host an hors d'oeuvre and cocktail reception before dinner, so guests have something to do between the service (in a church) and dinner. We are willing to spend a bit over $100 per plate, if necessary, to ensure our guests won't be hanging out at various Tim Horton's in their nice clothes before the dinner.

While we seldom drink, and will leave the reception before midnight, we would like the party to continue until 1:30-2:00am for our guests to enjoy themselves fully.

A bonus would be a venue where we could also take outdoors photos, although this isn't a necessity.

Any advice or recommendations you would provide will be most helpful and appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help, I hope we are able to provide our guests with a wonderful evening of food and entertainment.

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  1. $15000? For that amount, I think I could've rented space at the Botanical Gardens in Montreal and still have enough for the catering. When I saw affordable, I was thinking of suggesting a Chinese banquet, where foodwise you'd get a good bang for your buck. I couldn't make a specific recommendation though. But here it might not be what you're looking for.

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      My better half also says $15,000 is too much.

      We are trying to spend around $100 per plate, hopefully including open bar. Original post updated.