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Blue Ginger

I'm coming to Newton rom NY. I had wanted to eat in Blue Ginger; but not all reviews are so great. Any suggestions///

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  1. have had good experiences with the tuna poke on crispy rice cake, the lobster, the duck (when they have it)...butterfish can be inconsistent / bland... avoid the carpaccio

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      Thanks. I think I'll look elsewhere. I don't want to pick and choose.

    2. This thread has some good thoughts. Personally, I've always enjoyed the butterfish


      1. avoid the lackluster Indonesian pasta entree. for some strange reason it's been there since the opening of the restaurant.

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          2nd that...bleah... :-P
          butterfish is much better...but not if you hate miso...

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            i remember my butterfish was overwhelmed by the overly assertive wasabi and soy drizzle sauces. yet another disappointing 'signature' dish.
            his asian fusion take seems a bit dated to me, more like pacific rim cooking back in the mid nineties.

        2. We ate there about 6 weeks ago and I think the food has really gone downhill. And Ming was on site.

          I had the butterfish which was burned.

          The steak was underwhelming and the lamb was bland.

          The mussles were excellent

          1. Spouse and I went twice, two years ago - visits were about 3 months apart. Both visits yielded disappointment for the same reason - over salting. On both visits, both of our meals were wildly over salted. The second time we brought it to our servers attention (the first time we didn't - but we should have. The food was unpleasant) and he shrugged and indicated that it was a common complaint. We haven't been back since - maybe it's changed - but it isn't an inexpensive venue for unpleasant food.

            1. Thanks all. I think I may try another restaurant. Any suggestions around Newton, Brookline? I.m looking for VERY GOOD food.

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                Lumiere in West Newton

                Lumiere Restaurant
                1293 Washington St., West Newton, MA 02465

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                  I was going to say Lumiere in West newton, or Lineage in Coolidge Corner Brookline.

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                    I thought i DID say Lineage but I guess I forgot to post

              2. I have been a couple of times. Each time I thought the appetizers were outstanding, but the entrees were a little lackluster as compared to the appetizers. My last visit was an appetizer-only event which went quite well. The wine list is fair.

                I had Ming visit my table with full conversation all but one time. Nice guy actually. I always thought Lumiere was always too pretentious as compared to Blue Ginger.

                Lumiere Restaurant
                1293 Washington St., West Newton, MA 02465

                Blue Ginger
                583 Washington St., Wellesley, MA 02482

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                  Yes, Ming is awesome with the table visiting...

                  He does seem like like a really nice and genuine guy.

                2. Just bumping this thread to get an idea of current 2012 thoughts on Blue Ginger and what to order that is consistently tasty and memorable? Have a reservation for this weekend and wondering if I should change it to another restaurant like Clio.

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                    I don't eat here often so I haven't tried the entire menu by any means. However, the last time we ate here I had the thai mussels appetizer and an excellent salmon with fennel and I think a horseradish sauce. My husband had a beef and fish carpaccio which he thought had too much happening but he loved the lamb in pomegranate sauce which was his main. I have generally enjoyed the food and the service here. we like taking a walk around the lake at the Wellsley campus nearby as well.

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                      I ate lunch at Blue Ginger yesterday (Friday 20 July) with a couple of friends.

                      We started with "Ming's Bings", which are not available for lunch (only in the lounge), but the waitress asked the chef if he would make some up for us, and he did. We had the vegetable, sausage, and burger versions (other choices included duck and pork).

                      One friend had the butterfish and enjoyed it (along with the accompanying vegetarian sushi), although she was not a fan of the wasabi.

                      The other friend had the burger. Yes, really, a burger at an Asian fusion place. He ate every last thing on his plate (slaw, sweet potato fries).

                      I had ramen soup, which came with three different mix-ins to flavour the broth. A nice touch. The bowl was huge.

                      The (non alcoholic) drinks were great: limeade and vanilla soda with mint; the latter was my favourite.

                      The service was well paced, the place was not mobbed. The only thing I wondered about was the bread as a starter. Not that I didn't appreciate it (I was quite hungry), but it seemed odd for an Asian restaurant.

                      Oh and we managed to score parking right in front of the restaurant.

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                        I've been meaning to post for a week about my meal at Blue Ginger. My father (not quite a hound, but he likes his food) has been going 1-2 times a year for several years and this time invited the rest of the family (my first time there). Based on CH threads and a general mistrust of celebrity chef restaurants (I *do* love Ming's cooking show) I didn't have sky high expectations.
                        Cutting to the chase, it was a terrific meal and four very different eaters all left very, very satisfied. For appetizers we split
                        Tuna poke: seems like it would be hard to mess this up, but it was delicious. Great tuna, great contrast of textures. Even my father, who doesn't like raw fish, enjoyed a few bites (I may not have mentioned that the fish was raw...I'm not sure if he noticed)
                        Fried calamari: well prepared, but it didn't do much for me. I found the dipping sauce tasted strongly of fish sauce (too strong for me, and I love it) and vinegar, but other people liked it.
                        Some type of veggie spring rolls. A fun concept that involved making lettuce wraps. The bite I had was good, but I thought the concept was especially fun.
                        Entrees: My dad got the lobster, which was beautifully presented, but flavorwise not terribly memorable. The low point of the entrees, but still at least a B-.
                        I got the sable/butterfish and I understand why it's their signature dish. Possibly the best fish dish I've ever had. So much flavor, absolutely exquisite texture. I would eat this every day. I'm not sure if they vary the components they serve with the fish, but it came with "soba noodle sushi" which was a clever play on some classics and delicious.
                        Mom got the duck - a perfect medium rare with great flavor. The skin was crispy but I couldn't help wishing for more. The slaw had smoked duck that added a really great depth and texture.
                        On a busy Saturday night I wasn't sure if I should expect anyone's A game, but I'd be very happy to go back to Blue Ginger very soon. I'm even more curious about Ming's new place now.

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                          Definitely agree that the lobster is mediocre. Not worth the price. I found the food at Blue Ginger last July quite disappointing overall, though my dining companion raved about her calamari and Alaskan butterfish.