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Sep 22, 2011 09:11 AM

Blue Ginger

I'm coming to Newton rom NY. I had wanted to eat in Blue Ginger; but not all reviews are so great. Any suggestions///

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  1. have had good experiences with the tuna poke on crispy rice cake, the lobster, the duck (when they have it)...butterfish can be inconsistent / bland... avoid the carpaccio

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    1. re: barleywino

      Thanks. I think I'll look elsewhere. I don't want to pick and choose.

    2. This thread has some good thoughts. Personally, I've always enjoyed the butterfish

      1. avoid the lackluster Indonesian pasta entree. for some strange reason it's been there since the opening of the restaurant.

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        1. re: nasilemak

          2nd that...bleah... :-P
          butterfish is much better...but not if you hate miso...

          1. re: Spike

            i remember my butterfish was overwhelmed by the overly assertive wasabi and soy drizzle sauces. yet another disappointing 'signature' dish.
            his asian fusion take seems a bit dated to me, more like pacific rim cooking back in the mid nineties.

        2. We ate there about 6 weeks ago and I think the food has really gone downhill. And Ming was on site.

          I had the butterfish which was burned.

          The steak was underwhelming and the lamb was bland.

          The mussles were excellent

          1. Spouse and I went twice, two years ago - visits were about 3 months apart. Both visits yielded disappointment for the same reason - over salting. On both visits, both of our meals were wildly over salted. The second time we brought it to our servers attention (the first time we didn't - but we should have. The food was unpleasant) and he shrugged and indicated that it was a common complaint. We haven't been back since - maybe it's changed - but it isn't an inexpensive venue for unpleasant food.