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Sep 22, 2011 08:18 AM

Clio or Deuxave?

In October, I'm coming to Boston with my new girlfriend for our first weekend trip out of New York City and want a great meal before we see Candide at the Huntington.
I'm deciding between Deuxave and Clio. She's gluten-free (but eats everything else!) so I want to be sensitive to that.
I need your help choosing a place for a romantic pre-theatre dinner!
What say you Boston?!?!

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  1. Plenty to love about both of them. I'd say Deuxave is a bit more affordable, more relaxed, and has a warmer room: love that fireplace. Clio is more innovative, a bit more cerebral and austere in its approach to food, with more of an Asian accent in its French-leaning cooking, more formal service, and a much more serious craft cocktail program. Not sure if that helps!

    1. Clio's food is very good high end, innovative French food; i also like the Uni Sashimi bar which compares well with most places in NYC. If you are looking for high end French something ala 11 Madison, this is your place. Deauxave is only about a block away and does not aspire so high, but it is also less expensive.

      I really like Candide.

      Uni Sashimi Bar
      370 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA

      1. Clio hands down. Deuxave is often spotty and Oringer's food at Clio will never let you down. Plus, Todd Maul at Clio was just voted Boston's best bartender by Boston Magazine and for very very good reason. His 150+ cocktail menu is amazing.