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Sep 22, 2011 08:01 AM

Smoking times-1 hr per lb.or 1 1/2 hrs per lb

I"m useing an Brinkman electric smoker & have about a 12lb. pork shoulder AKA PORK BUTT that I plan to smoke Sun.How many hours does it require and does it make a difference if fat side is up in smoker ? I had planned a combination of hickory,mesquite & apple chunks that actually are soaking as we speek in apple juice.As chunks burn up how frequent should you add more chunks ? HELP first time smoking pork bumm.

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  1. I go fat side down. 60-90 minutes/lb is a reasonable range. A lot will depend on the pork itself and your cook temp. I wouldn't go more than 225 cook temp, and aim for an internal temp of 195. Don't throw too many chips down, the positive effects of smoking diminish after a couple of hours. And you can oversmoke, even pork.

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      Thanks so much,quick question my smoker doesnt have a temp.gauge so do I just keep checking internal temp.perhaps after 12 hrs ? What did you think of wood combo ?

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        The combo is fine. If you're using chunks, I wouldn't use more than 1 of each, 3 total will be plenty.

        I'd invest in an oven thermo or something that can measure the surface temp. Low and slow is critical on butts and with too high a temp you'll be searing the fat as opposed to letting it gelatinize.

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          Agree completely with all of FM88's suggestions. Getting a temp gauge for the smoker is critical, as is getting a good thermometer to get an accurate internal temp reading.

          Some other suggestions: when I make pulled pork (a la North Carolina style, being the good Canadian Jew I am) I "baste" my meat with a mix of 1:1 apple cider vinegar to sugar, deployed out of a spray bottle. Once internal temp is reached, the meat gets taken off, wrapped in foil and is left to sit for an hour to get used to itself before pulling. Finally, given the time it's likely going to take, if you trust your smoker, do an overnight smoke so as to not waste your entire day sitting around.

    2. Absolutely go with a thermometer if you're a "newbie," a small investment to protect a larger investment in meat. Timing really depends on the reliability of your equipment (how consistently it maintains temp especially with varying ambient temperature outdoors - I do a lot of smoking in Chicago winters). If need be, and you don't want to monitor it, err on the side of caution; you can always pop it in a roasting pan (sealed tightly with aluminum foil) and finish it in the oven.

      1. I have the very same elec. Brinkmann, and I installed two grill temp guages. One in the lid and one in between the two cooking grates so I can monitor the smoker temps.

        Smoker should hold a steady temp of 250 degrees unless ambient temp is below 50 degrees or so.

        As for cook time, in the years I have used my smoker, it all depends. Depends on cut of meet, density, ambient temp and how often you open unit to add hardwood for smoking.

        I use a remote probe meat thermometer but have used an insta read in a pinch.

        For a 5 lb butt, I usually say 8 to 10 hours. I;ve had 8 to 10 lb,'ers go 18 to 24 hours til a 195 to 200 internal temp, so , really, it just all depends.

        I dry rub, inject with maridnade and then cook fat cap side up as the fat runoff will help baste teh meat and help add to the bark.

        1. yeah, it does all my electric rig, it's gonna be at least 12 hours for piece of meat that size. Maybe a bit less in warm weather. Give that funny shaped bone a wiggle, when it's loose, it's done. Fat side up (I usually trim some of the fat off as well). No need to soak chunks of wood, chips maybe. Pork butt is pretty forgiving...have fun

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            My piece of meat is a 12 lb. pork shoulder from costco w/no bone.Ya think still 12 hours ?

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              no bone, really? Is it trussed together or something? Hmmm....test him for temp and pull-ablilty after 8, maybe check once an hour if more time is needed

          2. Interesting. I've never seen a pork butt nearly that big, particularly if its boneless. And i'm in the barbecue business.

            Usually the bone-in butts top out at around 8 lbs. You sure you don't have a boned fresh ham? Or possibly two butts in a single package (Costco does double loins tied together as a single roast)