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Sep 22, 2011 07:19 AM

Where to find Raani Foods products?

I love Raani Foods products. In particular their tandoori chicken naan pockets and baked samosas are exquisite. But really, all their products are great.

I know I can find some stuff at Fiesta Farms, Multiple Organics on Dundas, and even at my local Shoppers Drug Mart on occasion, but I’d like to know where else I can find these products.


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    1. re: foodyDudey

      Thanks for the link!

      I absolutely will. But it's something I wanted to put to my lovlies on CH, first :)

      I understand they operate a stall in the farmer's market at St. Lawrence Market.

      Still, the more options the better.

      1. re: magic

        They are in the North Market on Saturday mornings at SLM. As well, I saw the baked samosas at Sobey's (front and Sherbourne).

        1. re: foodiefiend

          Thank you foodiefiend! I will check that Sobeys out and will try to make it to SLM north on a Saturday.

    2. Although I doubt many people care I found a good cache of Raani Foods products at the Sobeys at College Park (Yonge/College). Including my beloved Tandoori Chicken naan pockets.

      They are marked at a more inflated price than I am used to paying at my local SDM. Still, good that there is this downtown option if truly in a pickle….

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      1. re: magic

        Are you nutty? I LOVE Raani Foods foods. I care already.

        When next you're in Multiple Organics, why don't you ask little Miss Nupur herself? It's her family that's Raani.

        1. re: Googs


          Man, I LOVE those tandoori chicken naans. Oh my stars they are tasty. Little hot sauce. Little side salad. Baby, you got yourself an easy and tasty meal.

          I keep on meaning to stop into Multiple Organics. I will soon : )

          1. re: magic

            Just thought I'd bump this thread. Still looking for places to get my chicken naan and mushroom naan from Raani Foods.

            Anyone? Anyone?