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Sep 22, 2011 06:16 AM

Unappealing raw flour taste in the tortilla wrapper of my breakfast burritos...

So, in my ongoing, desperate campaign to get AHEAD of my life, I thought I'd stock my freezer with some grab-and-go type breakfasts. I tried the afore-linked "one a month cooking" recipe for breakfast burritos--just the basic, no optional ingredients version-- and they weren't bad, except that the tortilla wrappers had, unsurprisingly, an unappealing raw flour taste. (I used whole wheat tortillas, by the way.) Is there a quick and easy way to cook/heat the tortillas in bulk to get rid of the raw taste? Or, is the only way around this problem to griddle each of the tortillas individually before wrapping?

I will try this recipe again, by the way, except I'll probably add in some of optional ingredients, either my own or some of what was suggested in the recipe. Also, even though I followed the recipe to a tee, I only ended up with 14 (instead of 24) burritos.

Thank you!


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  1. If you have a gas stove, I would first "cook" each tortilla by laying it on the burner, letting it brown slightly on first one and then the other side. You might also try making them with white flour tortillas to see if the whole wheat is the problem. I can't say that I would expect too much in the flavor or texture category with a precooked, frozen and then microwaved burrito. But that's just me.

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      You know, my expectations were pretty low, but this wasn't bad. And, honestly, it's way better than no breakfast or the egg mcmuffin I would end up getting if I left the house in a hurry without breakfast. Crazy as it sounds, some mornings I just don't even have time for toast. But, if I can grab one of these and heat it in the microwave at work while combing through my email, I would feel like I've not sacrified much at all in terms of time. I'm finding myself needing to make some compromises --hopefully only temporary-- at this stage of my life. Nevertheless, I am really put off by the raw flour taste. I still have some standards. ;-).


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        I think the microwave may not be helping. I had a box of healthy burritos from Costco that turned into cardboard in the microwave- of course the alternate method in conventional toaster oven might have worked better but it's not an option in our offices so we tossed them.

    2. I heat tortillas directly on an electric element.

      1. I've noticed that in different brands, some of them you do need to cook, they're raw.
        If you have a cast iron griddle or pan, it works great. The warm tortillas make wrapping so easy, and you can really put together a good supply. Love breakfast burritos, they have saved many a starving son that shows up unexpectedly.

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          I agree with the brand difference comments. I use Stacey's whole wheat tortillas (from the co-op) and sort of get what you're talking about. Now that you've pointed it out, I've never noticed this with conventional white or whole wheat tortillas.
          But to answer your question, I think the easiest way to heat up and possibly "cook" a bunch of tortillas at a time is in the microwave, in either a steamer or a ziplock bag, with a damp paper towel included. You may have to shuffle the stack a bit to get them evenly hot without superheating some, but it's still the fastest way I know of.
          Like the previous posts, I too, prefer to do them directly over the gas flame on my stove, which is definitely not fast.

          1. re: chef chicklet

            I'm afraid the tortillas could be a problem. I hate to admit that I bought these at Target. (This is another thing I've had to compromise on lately--shopping at Target!) :(. Do you have a brand of whole grain tortillas you've been particularly happy with?


            1. re: The Dairy Queen

              I think it's the preservatives and dough conditioners in your brand. A lot of supermarket tortillas, esp. the self-stable ones, have additives you wouldn't put in homemade tortillas. I buy Maria and Ricardo's and sometimes the Whole Foods store brand. WF isn't as good--they stick together and tear--but they are free of weird ingredients.

              If you have time,ww flour tortillas aren't that hard to make, although mine never look as good as the packaged ones.

              1. re: Isolda

                Oh, no way do I have time to make tortillas by hand right now (even though you're right, they are easy and not THAT time consuming), though I have a wonderful recipe from a friend. I should get her salsa recipe out though!

                As it was, I made this batch of burritos into between feeding the baby at 4:10am and when the alarm was set to go off at 6:45am...

                Thanks for the brand recommendations! I will discontinue buying tortillas at Target, no matter how convenient!


                1. re: The Dairy Queen

                  Hmmm. come to think about it I make the little pancakes when I make moo shoo pork, they take no time at all, and I fry two at a time by putting sesame seed oil on the two balls of dough then rolling them out. Put them in the pan and peel them apart. Not sure if tortillas work the same way... but aren't they pretty close to a tortilla? They taste so good.

              2. re: The Dairy Queen

                Tia Rosa, and I like Mission's but they're thicker. I love to use tortillas for wraps.
                I've bought Targets brands too, they were smaller and they'd expired. I like their stuff, but sometimes quality control is slack in our store. All I know is wow, the price of tortillas is sky rocketing! They used to be a budget friendly food, and I wasn't all that upset when they got stale. Not anymore. I guess I could make my

                1. re: chef chicklet

                  I've had problems with many store bought flour tortillas. There's some off taste that I don't like. Fortunately I am happy with the ones I get at Trader Joes. But if I have to buy elsewhere (such as on a trip), Tia Rosa has been one of the safer choices.

                  I have made my own flour tortillas, but am far being able to make large uniform ones that could serve as a burrito wrapper.

                  1. re: paulj

                    Second Trader Joe's flour tortillas. Made some quesadillas with them last night.

                  2. re: chef chicklet

                    I'm coming to the conclusion that I just don't like these tortillas. I just tried to make a quesadilla with them and I still can't get that raw taste out of my mouth. :( I'll have to be on the lookout for Tia Rosa, since a few of you seem to like those.


              3. Do you have a toaster oven at work? My uncle introduced me to these — he'd tried microwave, oven and toaster. The latter works the best for us office dwellers.