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Sep 22, 2011 05:57 AM

Dominos "Artisan" pizza?

Who has tried? What do you think? Please remember that some of us do not live anywhere near a great mom and pop pizza place and the chains are our only hope, so go easy on the "I can do better at home" comments. I know I can do better, but sometimes I just want a quick take out meal.

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  1. Just had the sausage and pepper one for lunch.

    In general, I'm a proponent of Domino's. Overall, this one fell into the category of, "Didn't hate it, wouldn't object to having it again, but wouldn't order it again." The crust was the worst part. It was one dimensional (but not a bad one since it was soft and not overwhelming), had a doughy taste and collapsed in the middle. The cheese was there, but as a background component. I liked the sausage; it had a good chew and flavor in the salty and porky departments (but not much fennel). The peppers were better than expected. The banana was noticed, but I didn't pick up much from the other 2.

    1. It's one of the better possibly the best chain around my house for delivery. It's good. I do like the changes they made.

      Sauce is especially better. The pizzas are not greasy. the crust is adequate, holds up well to the ingredients, isn't soggy, dry, or too salty.

      Ingredients seem a little better quality over all.

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        Did anyone notice that Fabio from Top Chef does a commercial?

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          I've only seen the customer computer feedback ones lately. Is he really "Jess" in disguise?

      2. I ordered one tonight - sausage and pepper . The crust is almost flavorless - thin and a little hard.
        The toppings were not bad - mild chunks of Italian sausage, red peppers and banana peppers, which gave it a little oomph. I warmed it up in the oven after it was delivered and that improved the toppings, but not the crust. I doubt if I'll get it again.