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Sep 22, 2011 05:18 AM

Dining in Le Mans

Hi, all. I will be coming to Le Mans for a conference in November, and thusfar I am having a difficult time finding good restaurant information. A chowhound search revealed little (though maybe I need to broaden my parameters?).

Only two days,...probably two dinners and two lunches. Anything with a particularly local flair is appreciated. For instance, anywhere I could get outstanding rillettes. whether it be a restaurant or a boucherie, would be appreciated.

The conference committee has recommended two places: La Chamade and Le Vieiile Porte. I can't really find much about either, so thoughts on those places would be appreciated, since I assume many of my colleagues will be dining at them.

As a point of reference, my favorite restaurants in Paris tend to be brasseries or more down to earth bistros: Le Comptoir, Petit Pontoise, L'Argume, etc. Not looking for three star Michelin dining (if it even exists in Le Mans).

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        Drove past the exit off the autoroute yesterday, but have never stopped in. Sorry, just visiting! Can't believe no local input?

    1. I know you don't want 3 star Michelin dining but the red guide does have many more types of restaurants. I like the ones that have been selected as a "Bib Gourmand" which have a good quality-price ratio.

      CH usually has better recommendations than the Michelin Guide, but I have found it cannot be beat when you are anywhere in France and don't have a clue where to eat. I have rarely been dissapointed (though some have been average) selecting from the Guide.

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        Thanks, jfprieur! I just posted my own Le Mans report, so future CHers will have at least one set of recommendations. We very much enjoyed Le Mans, btw!