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Sep 22, 2011 04:51 AM

Dulce de membrillo - with a hechscher?

This is a condiment or jelly similar to jelled cranberry sauce in it's sweet-tart appeal, but made from quince.

It is popular in Spain and in all the lands that they colonized. I saw kosher versions (tinned) in Argentina, and I have heard that Sephardim use it.

Is a kosher version available in the US?

I do know that I could make my own, I'm just not feeling that ambitious.

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  1. Raphy's makes quince preserves Also, you can buy it from another company at
    I know that Aunt Berta's Preserves makes Etrog and pomegranate preserves. Perhaps they make quince as well this time of year.

    1. I know Whole Foods has it (I believe it's their own label) but I never scrutinized the package. I'll check next visit. You can use quince jam or fig jam to the same effect. Real membrillo is very dense, more so than jam, but it's close enough in the flavor context.

      1. The supermarket section of "Corte Ingles" in Lisbon has kosher Dulce de Membrillo. The certification is accepted by all European countries observant jews. ORB, OU, etc. have such stronghold on kashrut in this country, that they are stifling the competition. The less competition, the higher the prices and less choices. I brought back the info of the Rabbi in Portugal that certifies the products in that country and they have great cheeses and some wines not known in America. The owner of a kosher supermarket here in So Fla told me about the sometimes frustrating experience of dealing with the ORB Mafia (last word is mine). We as foodies should be able to make a personal decision about the reliability of a supervision. Only then we will be able to enjoy certain international products. USA doesn't have the last word on Kashrut