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Sep 21, 2011 11:46 PM

PJ Clarkes

Recently went here a couple times and wow was the food good. The burger may be in contention with the best that Vegas has to offer. The fries were perfect, crispy kennebecs fried perfectly. Happy hour oysters for a $1 a pop. Delicious tater tots and a really great bread pudding. The steaks are excellent as well, all Meyer Ranch beef. I ordered the NY Strip and it was amazing.

I highly suggest visiting this place. Can't wait to go back. I do not get why Joe's Stone Crab is literally packed at all times and yet PJ Clarkes has barely anyone in there and yet the food is ten times better. Only thing that I really like at Joe's are the stone crab claws and some side potato dish. Anyways, just a heads up, PJ Clarkes is awesome. Great bar as well.

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  1. We had very different experiences. I loved the caesar salad, the burger was a total disappointment. It came open faced on a plain supermarket type bun. The meat was perfectly cooked and it crumbled apart in my hands by the 3rd bite. The manager comped it. At $17 it was a total rip off. Also, I hate a burger served open face on a plain bun with toppings on the side. That is not a burger, it is a plate of ingredients.