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Sep 21, 2011 10:35 PM

Do cakes get a mealy texture when frozen?

I know vege's do but I was wondering about cakes.

Mealy as in, dry and granular.... Grity almost?

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  1. No, they shouldn't. Freezing and thawing slightly tenderizes a cake. Many, many bakeries, cake shops, and hotels freeze cake layers and sheets for ease of mass production and also because they are easier to handle when cold. The refrigerator is the worst place for breads and cakes, because the staling process happens most rapidly at refrigerator temperatures. So cake layers can be frozen, but once thawed should be eaten at room temperature. Breads that have been frozen should be heated through and then are almost as good as fresh.

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    1. re: babette feasts

      Thank you babette. If a mealy texture isn't caused through freezing then why does cake a cake turn mealy?

      1. re: Fuudie

        Don't know. What kind of cake? Was it good before freezing? Andieb's freezer burn suggestion sounds like the best possibility. Anything poorly wrapped will dry out pretty quickly in the freezer. Did you have a one-time experience or is do you feel like this always happens?

        1. re: Fuudie

          A mealy cake is usually stale. FWIW, refrigerating baked goods actually speeds up staling--never do that.
          I routinely freeze cakes and baked goods for the reasons mentioned. I want a cake eaten within a day it is made, two at the absolute max, otherwise the texture is off.
          Obviously texture is a recipe and technique thing, too, but even the best textured cake is ruined with more than a day or two of age.

      2. My best guess is if it was frozen and mealy, it may have suffered freezer burn or wasn't at its freshest when frozen.