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post-wedding brunch on foot

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I'm getting married in New Orleans in a little over a week. Family (and people I wish were my family) are coming in from all over and beyond, so there are no cars in the mix. Half of us are staying in the Marigny, the other (character-allergic) half in a big Quarter chain hotel. Any ideas for a delicious Sunday brunch that could be reached by walking from either location? Points for consideration:

-The rehearsal dinner is at Galatoire's and the reception at Mr. B's, so the over-the-top FQ experience is kind of held down.

-There are French people and grad school food snobs, but no kids involved.

-I'd love something like Atchafalaya (a little far), Eat (doesn't take reservations for brunch), or Elizabeth's (reviews all over the place - it appears to be either manna from heaven or a fate worse than airplane food, but I can't figure out which - same with Marigny Brasserie, actually).

-I'm sure this doesn't even need to be said, but, bloody mary. A GOOD one. Basically gazpacho, minus dignity and cucumber and plus vodka and horseradish.

I've read the boards, but the walkability thing (New Yorker walkability, BTW, not Dallas walkability) kind of throws a wrench into things...

Marigny Brasserie
640 Frenchmen St, New Orleans, LA 70116

Galatoire's Restaurant
209 Bourbon St., New Orleans, LA 70130

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  1. Haven't had their bloody mary, but sounds like Mojito's might work for you. It's where Esplanade meets Frenchmen. The Nola Benedict is delicious.

    Also, Muriel's is a possibility, but again, haven't had their bloody.

    1. Okay, another possibility on the tres casual, funky side is the jazz brunch Buffa's (Esplanade and Burgency). The bloody is good, the food is good, and the entertainment is a mostly all girl jazz band called Some Like It Hot. Not sure about the size of your party, so perhaps call ahead.

      1. I am assuming that you are seeking a place for a Sunday brunch. Try the Praline Connection, open for lunch but not actually breakfast. Agree with the suggestion of Muriels...have had their BM and I think it is good. Best bloody mary can be made to take with you on your walk: Zing Zang Bloody Mary Mix. Even a Bloddy Shame tastes good if you use that mix.

        Praline Connection
        542 Frenchmen St, New Orleans, LA 70116

        Muriel's Jackson Square
        801 Chartres Street, New Orleans, LA 70116

        1. How many people? Maybe Satsuma Cafe, or Cake Cafe.

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            I second Muriel's....haven't had a Bloody Mary there but I trust someone who has, and she reports it as superb. I've had their brunch and totally enjoyed it. The Pecan Crusted Puppy Drum is excellent and the bread pudding is ethereal.

          2. Bumping this post in hopes of a report -- assuming you've returned home from your honeymoon and can satisfy the curiosity of your fellow CH'ers!

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            1. So sorry for the huge lapse in time between the actual event and my report, AND to disappoint you all by telling you we were all way, way, way too hungover from the reception to show up anywhere but the airport that Sunday. Mr. Pampelmuse and I stayed another day, and here's our report:

              We managed to drag ourselves to Marigny Brasserie, pretty close to our B+B (Marigny Manor House). We had a Saints game on a big screen, a mediocre burger (overcooked despite my instruction, mushy/flat bun, forgettable toppings), an incredibly-watered down bloody mary with one green bean and no olives (it matters to me), and a shrimp and fried green tomato po'boy with remoulade that was pretty darn tasty.

              The next morning, we were able to move a bit further afield, and rolled our still-bloated selves all the way to Surrey's on Magazine. I had shrimp and grits, which given the nearness of the memory of Mr. B's glorious version I enjoyed during the reception, was perhaps a poor choice. The shrimp were a little small and overcooked (bouncy?), and swimming in a kinda-not-quite-BBQ shrimp sauce, pallid bacon limply draped over the top in an "X." Grits: okay. Then we lolled about Magazine and St. Charles in the gorgeous weather and made it to Igor's for my long-desired proper bloody mary, which came with several green beans, olives (fine, I asked), and was nicely thick and a bit horseradish-y, with just enough ice to thin down the last bits into slurpabilia. So great. Also, cheap.

              The day of the wedding, the grad school food snobs, sisters, and I went to Cake Cafe - YEAH. Yeah! Nothing mind-blowing, but that's not their game. Seriously solid everything - this is their game. A really good (house-baked) bagel, awesome chicken salad, breads, grits, a chocolate cupcake, and other stuff I can't really remember (because then I got married, and that takes up most of my memory of that day) were greatly enjoyed by all.

              Thanks all for your rec's! Since we'll definitely be back, probably next year, and like to stay around Frenchmen, we'll probably try Mojito's eventually. Several family members tried Stanley (loved it) and Muriel's has long been on my list - it's just hard to not hit known favorites when I go to NOLA. You know how that is?

              And Zing Zang is the stuff, I agree.

              Thanks again!

              Marigny Brasserie
              640 Frenchmen St, New Orleans, LA 70116