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Sep 21, 2011 08:07 PM

Stock making

I live on Vancouver Island and would like to find an affordable source for beef/veal bones for stock making. I ocasionaly visit Vancouver and have a good source for chicken parts for soup making at Granville Island. All the stores I have checked out so far on the island are very expensive. Watching Chucks day off on TFN this guy uses veal stock like it was tap water! Appreciate any help

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  1. I find that Asian places have the cheapest prices for bones and carcasses for making stock.

    Beefway has big beef bones for making stock that aren't too expensive. I love how they've got lots of meaty, tendony bits connected to it. That shit's good to eat!

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      Where is Beefway located please? We only have Fairway markets here on the island which I would consider to be Asian but they are very expensive.

    2. If you4 in Vancouver one day on 4th ave. just pass vine st in kits go to the meat shop butcher on the other side of safeway. there you can buy veal stock Demi glaze frozen in blocks.

      one cup veal demi glaze + 3 cups water = 4 cups of veal stocks, save you the 12 hours it take to make it

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        Hey thanks a bunch for this info. Should be over there before xmas so will check it out. Was given a demi glace paste from the gourmet warehouse but haven't tried it out yet.