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Sep 21, 2011 07:06 PM

Boneless wings (buffalo wild wings)

So I've been frying chicken, making batter and diffrent kinds of dry flour mixes .I have one problem how do they get the sauce to stick to the wings like glue ? I don't get it, do they fry then pour on all the sauce and then stick it in the oven ?? Some help please :)

thanks, Skittles

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  1. Do you mean like real Buffalo wings? My understanding is they are deep-fried without any breading at all, then tossed in a bowl in a 50-50 mixture of Frank's Hot Sauce and melted butter.

    There are undoubtedly other versions.

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      Well chicken breast cut up into wing like pieces.I don't use breading on mine, I always use flour mixed with spices but what I'm saying is I don't get how they are so saucy, asif they sit in hot sauce for days and the sauce around it is so thick and stuck on the wings like glue do they do that . Lol

    2. I wish they would stop calling breasts wings.

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        I guess we can call them chicken pieces lol

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          Commercial boneless wings are actually made out of thighs.....maybe the fattiness helps the sauce stick.

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            I Never thought about using diffrent parts of the chicken..good idea .

      2. My understanding is that it is just a sauce reduced to the desired thickness then the chicken is tossed in the bowl...

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          Yeah maybe If I cook the hot sauce for a bit in a pot It will be nice and thick :) thanx

        2. Hot sauce is mixed with butter. The butter may help it stick.

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            Hmm ..mayb I'll try that tonight and see how it turns out

          2. Any of the commercial and chain restaurants deep fry their chicken wings or tenders first (whether breaded or naked) and then put them in a large bowl, add sauce and then toss to coat once out of the fryer. Immediately serve on plate.

            Breaded wings will obviously absorb more of the sauce then naked wings in most cases, unless it's a thick sauce.

            The traditional sauce of Franks and butter tends to be rather thin, but most of the teriyaki, honey, bbq and non-traditional sauces tend to be thicker and more "gluey" due to the added sugar., Commercial or bottled sauces also tend to contain xantham gum or other preservatves and thickeners that help the sauce cling to the chicken bits. The heat from the wings will "loosen up" the sauce enough to make things coat more evenly.

            Even Hooters wing sauce in a jar is rather thick and almost a solid until heated and tossed with wings due to the high cooled butter content. One heated though, it become quite fluid.

            Good luck.

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