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Sep 21, 2011 06:31 PM

Need substitute ideas for Godiva chocolate liqueur (white and dark)++

Godiva told me that their liqueurs wouldn't be safe for me because of my nut allergy, so I need ideas on what else to use. I've emailed Mozart, but can't find any email addys for Vermeer or Cask & Cream.

If I use creme de cacao instead, would I need to make adjustments for the difference in sweetness and thickness? Would adding some cream help with the consistency?


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  1. What are you trying to make with the Godiva?

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    1. re: ROCKLES

      a few different drink recipes.....right now Im wanting a chocolate martini

      1. re: SBackes

        My wife once bought a chocolate infused vodka from Three Olives ....

    2. I've heard the Trader Vic's Chocolate liqueur is good, I bought the Kona Coffee and Macadamia Nut Liqueur and they are both very good, but passed on the chocolate, kind of regret it now (I was on vacation at the time, not available locally.)

      1. You can always just make chocolate milk or cream, add the vodka and creme d cacao and avoid the hazelnut of most chocolate liqueurs. I have made them this way and they turn out very good and more chocolate flavored. also a bit of instant coffee will bring out the rich chocolate if that's what you prefer

        1. yes I'm replying to myself lol

          I recontacted Godiva and was told in July 2009 they took the hazelnut out of their chocolate liqueurs and that anything dated July 2010 and later would be considered nut free and safe

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          1. re: SBackes

            Thats great news, Now I can enjoy it...thanks for the follow up

            1. re: ROCKLES

              you're welcome....just make sure you look for the correct L number on the bottle (Godiva can clarify what to avoid/which is safe)