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Any updates on when the Butchers Organic is reopening?

I keep hearing that they are delaying the re-opening again and again. Anyone have an update?

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  1. Their Twitter feed is the best spot for info at this moment. September 24th is the latest day they said but I doubt it will re-open any time soon personally.


    1. They've posted photos of "their" renovation, including one with Marlon holding up a newspaper to prove the date in an old-timey hostage way. I liked that one.

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      1. re: childofthestorm

        how very odd to specifically include that picture...

        1. re: justpete

          Why odd? if people were saying I ran away to another country and was living the "high life" and I had not, then I would post something to prove that they were wrong... wouldn't you?

          1. re: RogerDoger

            I think just the situation of an owner having to hold up a newspaper to prove he is still operating is odd, of course. Who wouldn't find that situation odd?!

            Do I get why it's being done? Sure. Does it make it any less odd? No.

            1. re: magic

              Also I passed by last week and The Butchers sign was gone. Replaced by one reading "Marlon's Meats" I believe.

              1. re: magic

                He did the picture because there was a rumour that he left the country and was living it up in India and NOT renovating his store. He wanted to show that those rumours were false.

                1. re: RogerDoger

                  Like I said, I totally get why he did it. It makes rational sense, I agree with you there.

                  Still, how many times on one hand can you count the times a local business owner has had to hold up a newspaper to prove he hasn't skipped to India?!

                  This is what is odd. The situation. And kind of funny.

        2. Folks, if you have information about when The Butchers is re-opening, please post it here. Speculation and rumors will be removed.

          1. Their twitter account now says they are re-opening October 1st. There is supposed to be a new voucher redeeming process posted on their website, but all I could see was the old FAQ.

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            1. re: hal2010

              Opened oct 1 under new name "marlon's meats". Looked busy at 2pm

              1. re: Conroyd

                New site is http://www.marlonsmeat.com/ but it is under construction and provides no help at all

                1. re: downtownfoodie

                  Latest update from their twitter account is that they're open for business on Thursday, October 6. They had an "open house" on Saturday.

                    1. re: bluefirefly

                      And some prices have already gone up since the previous price list that was suppose to be honoured for the full duration of the deal period (Buytopia exclusive pricing list for example).
                      Also no mention of anything being "Organic" on the list. Is he selling grocery store quality stuff for this price? If not, why not specify.

                      He also isn't providing a list of suppliers.

                      1. re: ylsf

                        I don't expect anything good from Marlin so I have yet to be disappointed.

                        1. re: justsayn

                          According to Web Piggy, Marlon will be cutting cheques for refunds:

                          We are very sorry for the situation The Butchers has caused.

                          They will be opening the store on Monday as Marlon's Meats. The voucher expiry dates will be extended until October of next year. Should you wish to use your coupons, they are requesting that you email your order to us. We will forward it to them and they will contact you when your order is ready for pick up or delivery.

                          Should you still require a refund, they will be provided by Marlon at the shop itself after Monday.

                          1. re: sloweater

                            I have a cash register receipt for them with $140 still left on it from my $400 Webpiggy voucher. I emailed them a few times asking where I can use that and so far no response in the last week. Anyone else in the same boat?

                            1. re: Tdot74

                              I emailed the store and asked for a price list and got no reply, then emailed Webpiggy and Harold sent one along. Basically, yeah, email the voucher company with the order and then they'll let you know when you can pick it up. Trying to figure out if I have space in my freezer for $400 worth of stuff so I can just get it over with. The inflated prices on the list will help with that!

                            2. re: sloweater

                              Curious where you got this text from? Is it on Webpiggy website somewhere, or did Webpiggy e-mail you this?

                              Be interesting to see if Marlon actually gives back the money...

                              1. re: ylsf

                                I found it interesting that in the North Toronto Post Marlon stated if you want to use your coupon, go through the vendor that sold you the coupon....as in stay out of my store. I wish you guys luck!

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                                  I emailed Web Piggy for a refund (my third email, in fact). They explained that Marlon was set to reopen. I replied that I had no confidence that his product would be what was initially on offer and that after 8 months of trying to redeem my coupons I wanted my money back. That was when they sent me the email about refunds.

                                2. re: sloweater

                                  So Marlon himself is providing refunds?? Not Webpiggy??

                                  You actually have to go to the shop to get a refund on an unused voucher??

                                  Am I understanding this correctly?

                                  1. re: magic

                                    That's the impression I got from the email. I haven't been down yet, but I intend to go down with the email and unused vouchers in hand. If I don't get a refund, Web Piggy will be hearing from me yet again.

                  1. So latest I heard is that they are just filling "old" orders now (yeah, from months ago) and no new orders with vouchers are being taken until November. Also, no in-store pickup/shopping at all with the vouchers. You need to order through your voucher company for delivery.

                    Their twitter is full of people posting how great it is that their store is re-open again. Makes me laugh.

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                    1. re: ylsf

                      Seen the price list ?? OMG

                      PRICE LIST1
                      New York Striploin $28.99
                      Ribeyes $28.99
                      Beef Tenderloin $35.99
                      T-Bone steaks $17.99
                      Sirloin Steaks $16.99
                      Lean ground beef $6.99
                      Ultra Lean ground beef $7.99
                      Beef Stew $10.99
                      Sirloin Supreme Roast $11.99
                      Whole Chicken $6.99
                      Boneless Chicken Breast $14.99
                      Chicken Legs $5.99
                      Bone in chicken breast $11.99
                      Store-made sausages $10.99
                      Fresh game sausages $12.99
                      Boneless butterfly chops $12.99
                      Pork Chops $8.99
                      Pork Tenderloin $18.99
                      Bacon $11.99
                      Lamb Rack $25.99
                      Boneless leg of lamb $15.99
                      Lamb Loin Chops $11.99
                      TURKEY $6.99

                      1. re: Helen

                        Interesting, they charge about $3.50 more per lb for T-bone steaks than Cheese Boutique does for the 40 day dry aged ones. I guess Marlon's have an extra special secret process applied.

                        Cheese Boutique
                        45 Ripley Ave, Toronto, ON M6S, CA

                        1. re: foodyDudey

                          THE RUDEST PEOPLE I HAVE EVER SPOKEN TO. I never reply to threads, but felt the need to. I just spoke to someone at Marlon's Meats to inquire about the ordering process. He was so unbelievably rude. I mean, really? I'm the one who is unable to use my voucher, is delayed by weeks in using MY hard-earned money, and he yells at me for his own inadequacies at dealing with the volume of orders? This is a note to anyone who would potentially become a regular customer, it's not worth it. There are plenty of butchers who treat you with respect. So, Marlon and staff, once I use my voucher (and not a penny more), I will never again visit your pathetic excuse for a store.

                    2. From their twitter feed :

                      The Butchers/Marlon's Meats' aim is to have all orders placed before October 24th delivered by Christmas

                      No comment needed!

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                        According to his website, Marlon is no longer honouring Dealfind certs: http://www.marlonsmeat.com/dealfind

                      2. If you are still having a problem getting a refund or dealing with this, here is a tweet from Ellen Roseman looking for customer feedback.


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                          I submitted an order on Oct. 6th, nothing showed for three weeks and they blew me off twice when I called. I emailed Webpiggy for a refund and was told, in vetted-by-a-lawyer language and copying someone from "Marlon's Meats", that I was to get a refund from Marlon directly. One month later I heard from someone from the butcher shop telling me my order would be ready on Dec. 17th. I said no thanks, I'd like a refund, and they asked for my details.

                          Should I be waiting by the mailbox for my cheque? Hahahaha.

                        2. There have been some reports on Redflagdeals in this threaD:


                          Two recent posts says Marlon is giving back the money in January.... again, I wouldn't bet on it... but, at least it sounds like that may be what the deal sites are saying (webpiggy at least)

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                          1. re: ylsf

                            website is down and phone is disconnected...

                            1. re: downtownfoodie

                              Just to update this thread - looks like they have now officially closed. Unfortunately, not really surprising after all of the press.