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Sep 21, 2011 05:13 PM

Honeymoon in Madrid, special dinner near villa real

looking for a place to go near the villa real hotel, it would be our night out so price isn't that much of a concern but my wife to be would be happy with a local place that blew her socks off...just as much as say 11 Madison in NYC...any ideas please you guys always go threw...

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  1. If price is not a concern, looking to impress and not opposed to taking a short taxi ride to the Salamanca section <might be Retiro as they border each other and restaruant is across the park> I recommend Restaurante Horcher.

    Elegant, good food and service, romantic room. Jacket, tie and reservations required. If you don't have a jacket or tie they will provide.

    Closer to Puerta del Sol is La Terraza del Casino which is just as good to impress, but only if the terrace is open. The interior of the restaurant is a bit ""clinical"', tho' the food and service is good.

    Enjoy your trip.